The Glitter Report: Week 3 - The Most Memorable Year of Their Life

By Jim Donnelly | Apr 1st, 2014

Robin Roberts took a break from Good Morning America to stay up late as a guest judge in Week 3. As she made her entrance, she was flanked by couple of Chmerkovskiys (which is even harder to spell than Stephanopoulos). Robin picked the most emotional night of the season to stop by as the stars performed routines celebrating the Most Memorable Year of Their Life. Now, onto the highlights of the night for Week 3 of Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!

Dance of the Night: The first 10s of the season are in and they came from everyone but Len. Maks and Meryl did a near-perfect foxtrot that Robin said had all the judges clutching each other at certain times. See why:


High School Jive Talk: James recalls the year he overcame bullying which led to him landing Big Time Rush. He believes he would have been super popular in high school if knew how to jive back them. Well, he sure knows how to do it now. His routine made him super popular with the audience, judges and, of course, the ladies in what Len called his best dance.


Mother and Son Reunion: Remember how we said this was the most emotional night of the season? Well, Danica proved this beyond a reasonable doubt. If her beautiful contemporary routine paying tribute to her grandmother didn’t get you a little misty, the pure love seen in the hug between a mother and her young son surely had to get the waterworks flowing.

Double Shot of Amy: Emotions were running high all night by the time we got to Amy’s story. We already knew all about how she overcame incredible obstacles in her life, but we learned just how big a role her father played in all of it. Listen to her story and then watch her dance.




The Quotes Are In:

Len (to James after his jive): “Was that an earthquake, an aftershock or did you just rock this place”?

Carrie Ann (after Cody’s jazz): “That was like eating an apple… nmm, nmm, nmm.”

Len (to Danica after her contemporary): “It was like butter on a hot muffin”

Drew’s son, Connor (re: Cheryl): “I need her to teach me some of those moves.”

Bruno (to Amy after her contemporary): “There won’t be a dry eye in the country tonight.”

Billy Dee’s Bye-Bye: Billy Dee Williams had to bid adieu to the ballroom. Chronic back problems are to blame for this particular departure. Even though Billy Dee wasn’t around for very long, he certainly made a lasting impression. We couldn’t see if there were any Ewoks in the audience this week. They may have been blocked by all those human lifeforms giving Billy Dee a standing ovation.


Highlights of the Night: Here’s a quick rundown of all the routines of the evening as the stars continue their quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy.


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