The Glitter Report: Week 4 - The Switch-Up

By Jim Donnelly | Apr 8th, 2014

It was time to switch things up a bit in the ballroom. Fan votes determined which star would dance with which pro for one week only. Nobody wanted to leave their partner, but everybody made the most of this challenge. The scores from this week and the previous week are combined to see who gets the boot in Week 5. Helping to tally those scores was 2-time Dancing champ and guest judge Julianne Hough. Now, onto the highlights of the night for Week 4 of Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!

Dance of the Night: Not even a new partner could keep Meryl from turning in the night’s top routine for a second straight week. Val took over where brother Maks left off to help this star shine on the dance floor. Their incredible Argentine Tango scored them three 10s and a Len (that’s code for 9).


The Royal Tango: James left his regular partner behind to dance a fierce tango with Cheryl. Meanwhile, Peta was off practicing with Charlie, who said his switch-up partner couldn’t stop talking about her real partner. Remember how we learned these two once dated? Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. But practice makes the tango grow hotter as James and Cheryl proved right here.


Pelvis Has Left the Building: It’s rare that we hear a double entendre uttered on Dancing with the Stars unless, of course, someone is speaking. Usually it’s Bruno who goes down that risqué road, but he got started down that path with a little help from the evening’s special guest.



Cute or Creepy: Drew said he didn’t miss Cheryl as much as he thought he would after he was paired with Witney. They a bit of a grandfather/granddaughter relationship happening. Cheryl described it as both “cute” and “creepy.” You be the judge.


The Quotes Are In:

Len (to Candace after her quickstep): “Hair-raising performance out there.”

Julianne (to James after his tango): “Maybe next week, Peta can help you with tucking your pelvis.”

Bruno (to Drew after his cha cha): “You’re a splendid and confident sugar daddy of show business.”

Len (to Drew after his cha cha): “I have not had that much fun in a minute and a half since I was a teenager.”

Carrie Ann (to Charlie after his rumba as she sides with Len): “This side of the table’s not quite as happy as that side of the table.”

Erin (reading a tweet after Charlie’s rumba): “Don’t get too comfortable with Peta @CharlieWhite.”

Len (to Amy after her salsa): “Your bottom is the top.”

Bruno (to NeNe after her jazz routine): “It was like being of the presence of the Queen of Sheba.”

Carrie Ann (to Meryl and Val after their Argentine tango): “You two are in a class of your own. You’re untouchable.”

Val (re: his training with his brother’s partner, Meryl): “I made Maks look like Mother Teresa this week.”

From Rumba to Rumble: Charlie said his real partner, Sharna, always has every detail of a dance planned out. With Peta, however, they seemed to let things evolve as they rehearsed for what turned out to be a beautiful rumba. It was not without controversy though. See how the judges argued at the end.


Highlights of the Night: Here’s a quick rundown of all the routines of the evening as the stars continue their quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy.



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