Played by Dave Foley
Character Biography

Pat is Ken’s boss, and the office manager of the Welltopia where Clark, Damona, and Julie work.  Recently separated from his wife, always concerned with the bottom line, and very lightly racist, Pat is s bitter man who is not well-liked at work. He continually tries to forge a friendship with Ken, who he sees as socially/monetarily above Julie and Clark (whom he calls “the lowers").  While Ken tries everything in his power not to be Pat’s friend, he can't help but be charmed by him from time to time.  Pat likes suede jackets, valet parking, and lives on a house boat parked outside his ex-wife’s home. 

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Actor Biography

Dave Foley – actor, comedian, writer, director and producer — is best known for his roles on “NewsRadio” and “The Kids in the Hall.”

Foley began his career in comedy doing stand-up. His early roles in television included “Anne of Avonlea,” then he and his friend Kevin McDonald formed the original “Kids in the Hall” which debuted on TV in 1988. Some of Foley’s most famous characters were “Hecubus,” one of the “Sizzler” sisters, “Bruno Putz Jones” and “Mr. Heavyfoot.”

His credits for the big screen include “The Wrong Guy,” “A Bug’s Life” (as the voice of Flik) and “On the Line.” Additional credits for television include “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Middle” and “Hot in Cleveland” — plus his own stand-up comedy special “Relatively Well” aired in 2013. He was also the celebrity host of “Celebrity Poker Showdown” on Bravo.

Aside from acting and comedy, Foley co-wrote the Stripper’s Union single “Give Up and Go Away.”

He is a father of three: Edmund, Basil and Alina.

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