S1 E06 Wally

07/10/11 | TV-PG | CC

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: Wally

At 26-years-old, Wally is a scary 350 pounds overweight. He knows he's in bad shape when his toddler can out-walk him. At a family dinner, Wally orders his favorite pasta dish. It's a meal he'll never forget. Chris Powell surprises him with a plate of greens and the opportunity of a lifetime. He will help Wally lose the weight and get his life back. His ecstatic new client is up for the challenge.

It's go time! The two men take off for boot camp where Wally weighs in at 490 pounds. It doesn't take long before Wally is stomping on the treadmill and pushing his body more than he ever has before. In the heat of the moment, Wally recounts dark memories that have been plaguing him. He talks about being made fun of as a child by the people he trusted most. After facing his past, Wally can focus on the present. Chris' pride is apparent on his face. It's just the beginning of the rest of Wally's life.

Chris follows Wally back to his home in Chicago where his basement has been completely remodeled into a gym. Wally's first goal is to lose 110 pounds in three months. If he succeeds, he and his family will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World. Can he do it? He sure hopes so!

30 days into the challenge, Chris introduces a new workout obstacle. Wally has to climb all 103 stories of the Willis Tower (we still call it the Sears Tower). Though it seems crazy, Wally passes the test with flying colors. After a grueling 90 days, it's time for Wally's first weigh in…and he's lost 110 pounds on the dot. He's going to Disney World! Things seem to be going along swimmingly. Wally claims to be eating healthy and working out. But when Chris sees him again after three more months, Wally looks bigger than ever. After a beautiful day at the Happiest Place on Earth, Chris confronts him and Wally caves. He admits he's gone back to old habits of frequenting familiar drive-thrus. Chris is irate. The scale shows that he's lost 21 pounds but it's not good enough. Chris hopes Wally can prove his determination at their 100-mile bike ride.

To say it's hot out on the day of the bike ride would be an understatement. Temperatures in Florida reach up to 120 degrees. After 43 miles, their day is cut short when Wally almost collapses from heat exhaustion. The ride is over. Could this mean the end of Wally's progress?

After Wally returns to Chicago, things only get worse. He goes from putting himself down on the webcam to not speaking to Chris at all. After a month of silence, Chris receives a disturbing email. Fearing the worst, he jumps on the next flight to Chicago.

Wally confesses to Chris that he's become suicidal. He can't overcome his food addiction. Even with all the tools around him, he's lost hope. But there is hope. Wally must help himself. There's one final option. Chris takes Wally to an out-patient rehab center where he can get the real help he needs. His journey with Chris may have ended but his story isn't over. Wally only has to believe in himself.

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