S2 E02 Jacqui

06/10/12 | TV-PG | CC

Excited to start a family with her loving and supportive husband, 29-year-old Jacqui is crushed when she learns she has an infertility condition aggravated by her 355 pound frame. With help from trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell, the West Palm Beach resident embarks on a transformation journey. She'll be turning things around, reclaiming her life and body, rebuilding her self-confidence and rediscovering her love of singing along the way.

At the initial weigh-in, Jacqui comes in at 355 pounds. After receiving some hopeful news that she could possibly become pregnant one day, Chris pushes Jacqui hard during her first workout. A week later, her living room is transformed into an exercise haven. Jacqui is tasked with dropping 90 pounds in the first 30 days. If she hits that goal, Chris will send Jacqui and her husband off to Ireland for the honeymoon they've always wanted.

Chris knows that his client has always been bothered by the fact that she hasn't been able to fit into theater seats. That's why he makes her sit on 300 seats as part of an intense workout. Jacqui's legs are on fire. She feels like she can't go on, but go on she does. Jacqui sits in all 300 seats, but Chris can't convince her to sing a song on stage. He hopes that'll change by the end of the transformation. At the 90-day weigh-in, Jacqui comes in at 263 pounds. She's lost 92 pounds. That means she's going to Ireland!

Jacqui is tasked with losing 50 pounds over the next three months. She'll also be asked to go on a 100-kilometer bike ride in Ireland. She presents Chris with a thank you empowerment bracelet before he leaves. Jacqui quits her job with the full support of her husband so she can focus on her health. The six month weigh-in takes place in Ireland. Jacqui is down to 210 pounds. That's great news since she must now complete a truly daunting bike ride.

The hilly roads of Ireland are a true challenge for Jacqui, but she pushes through to totally crush the 100 kilometers. Jacqui returns home to Florida to learn she went up seven pounds while on the trip. She must now push herself even harder. Chris can't believe his eyes when she arrives for the nine-month weigh-in. Jacqui looks incredible, but Chris still wants Jacqui to sing in front of a crowd. That's why he pushes her to sing in front of a conference room full of strangers. Jacqui brings the crowd to its feet.

The good times continue as Jacqui learns that her weight loss has increased her odds of being able to have a baby dramatically. Jacqui then learns her weight at the 270-day mark is 175 pounds. She dropped 35 pounds during Phase 3. She's the first woman that Chris has trained who has lost 50% of her original body weight in nine months. That means Jacqui is a terrific candidate for the skin removal surgery.

An auditorium filled with cheering people welcome Jacqui at the one year mark. Her transformation has been truly amazing. Jacqui is vision of beauty as she takes the stage and steps on the scale for her final weigh-in. She's now down to 148 pounds. That means Jacqui lost 207 pounds. Incredible! Jacqui feels as though she's been freed from prison. Her body is now strong enough to possibly have a baby. Chris lets Jacqui know that Wal-Mart is giving her a $50,000 gift card to help her maintain her healthy lifestyle.

Jacqui's had an incredible transformation, but there's still one more thing she needs to do. She belts out a beautiful song on stage. Tears and cheers flow from the audience. Jacqui is so grateful for all that Chris has done. He assures her that it's been an honor and privilege spending the last year of his life with her. Congratulations, Jacqui!

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