S2 E03 Michael

07/01/12 | PG | CC

Mike is 28 years old and has never been in a relationship or even kissed a girl. This small business consultant from Tarpon Springs, Florida weighs 493 lbs and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t obese. He wants to share his life with someone special and eventually raise a family, but his weight issues have destroyed his confidence about his romantic prospects. He also suffers from sleep apnea that could be alleviated with weight loss. Mike needs help. Well, help is here!

Chris Powell pushes Mike hard during his first workout, but feels his client isn’t giving him 100 percent. He abruptly leaves the workout. Mike knows he screwed up. He’s grateful when Chris offers him a second chance. This time Mike gives it his all. He’s amazed at how mind can overcome body. This is just the beginning.

Mike returns home to Tampa to find that his living room has been transformed into an exercise haven. There are also pictures on the wall of the days when he finished last in race competitions. He wants to change that. Chris tasks him with losing 120 pounds in the first three months. If Mike hits that Mark, Chris will reward him with a dating coach to help this shy guy score with the ladies.

On Day 44, Chris has Mike meet with his family. They pledge to lose Mike’s weight as a combined unit, too. Mike turns 29 during this first phase. On Day 82, Chris sets up a special workout with some smokin’ hot WWE wrestling divas. These ladies have all the right moves to motivate Mike. They are also impressed when Mike shows off his own wrestling moves with his brother

At the 90-day weigh-in, Mike is down to 373 pounds. He hit his goal on the nose. That means he gets his own personal matchmaker/dating coach named Amber. She sets him up on a speed-dating adventure. He seems to only be able to talk about where he’s from. Amber wants him to talk more about himself. Mike takes her advice and even scores a phone number from one lovely lady. Amber says the women Mike met rated him high as far as charm and sense of humor, but he was rated low for sex appeal. This motivates him to keep going.

Mike is tasked with losing 70 pounds over the next three months. At the end of this phase, Chris says they’ll be doing a triathlon. As Mike continues his workouts, he gets set up on a date with a lovely lady named Meghan. Mike is quite charming as they go putt-putt golfing. He even shares a kiss with Meghan while out on the course. These two end up dating even more. This has Chris worrying that he may be spending too much time with his new girlfriend and not enough time working out.

At the six-month weigh-in, Mike comes in at 317 pounds. He was 14 pounds shy of his goal. Mike still wants to do the triathlon though. Mike does well during the swimming and running portions of the race, but his legs lock up a bit during the 10k run. He pushes through the pain to finish the race in an amazing four hours and 20 minutes. His girlfriend and family are there to greet him at the finish line. Chris says that Mike has truly exceeded his expectations.

Mike is asked to lose 50 more pounds during Phase 3. His family joins him in a show of support during his nightly walks. Mike looks fantastic at the 9-month weigh-in as he shows up in a sweatshirt that Chris left behind at his house. There’s no way he could have squeezed into that thing 270 days ago. Mike weighs in at 261 pounds which means he’s a great candidate for the skin removal surgery.

365 days have passed and it’s time for Mike’s final weigh-in. Friends and family gather outside his house in Tampa. The crowd goes wild as the new Mike steps out the front door. He looks great. His family helped with his transformation by his family who lost a significant amount of weight themselves along the way. As for Mike, his final weigh-in has him coming in at 238 pounds. That means he lost 255 pounds. That’s over half his original body weight. Amazing! Chris presents Mike with a new training bike for triathlons as well as a $50,000 gift card from Wal-Mart. Congratulations, Mike!

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