S2 E06 Jonathan

08/05/12 | PG | CC

Jonathan is a devoted husband and father of two young sons. The guy has everything—except his health.  At only 30 years of age, this former athlete weighs 543 pounds. Jonathan, a Port Orchard, WA resident, is unable to play ball with his kids or sleep in bed next to his wife. He needs help. Well, help is on the way! 

Chris Powell pushes Jonathan hard during his initial workout. He believes it’s the crucible that forms a person’s character. It’s all about the mental aspect of this journey. His house back home has been transformed so that he can complete his Phase 1 one goal of losing 135 pounds. If Jonathan does this, Chris will buy mountain bikes for his entire family. He also presents Jonathan with a new bed so that he can finally sleep next to his wife, Lisa. 

Everyone in Jonathan’s family wrote him a letter to show their support for him. His brother and wife break down in tears as they read their notes. His family claims they are there to support him, yet they order a lot of high-calorie meals come dinnertime. Chris continues to push Jonathan. He challenges him to pull a 4,000-pound plane one mile down the runway. He completes this grueling, amazing feat to make his two sons proud.

 At the 90-day weigh-in, Jonathan comes in at 408 pounds. He lost exactly 135 pounds, so it looks like the family is getting a bunch of brand new bikes. It was a special moment for Jonathan to finally go bike riding with his kids. As far as Phase 2, Jonathan is tasked with losing 80 pounds. This will have to happen while he’s putting in 12-hour days at work. He must also miss out on a lot of quality time with his family.

 Jonathan struggles with doubt during Phase 2. Chris pays him a visit to help boost his morale. He wants Jonathan to start seeing himself as an athlete. They head off to a local gym where the Harlem Globetrotters happen to be hanging out. They put Jonathan through a tough workout with his two sons also participating by his side. Chris says he’s running faster now than he’s ever seen him run before. At the 6-month weigh-in, Jonathan comes in at 353 pounds. He’s only lost 55 pounds.

 Even though Jonathan didn’t hit his goal, Chris surprises the family with a VIP trip to Disneyland, where Jonathan gets to be the dad he's always wanted to be. Jonathan is relieved to be able to fit inside the longest roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere. He has a great day filled with amazing family moments. He’s literally and figuratively at the Happiest Place on Earth.

 Jonathan deals with a lot of loose skin during Phase 3, but that means he’s continuing to lose the weight. At the 9-month weigh-in, Jonathan is down to 298 pounds. He’s lost 245 pounds in 9 months. He hasn’t been under 300 since high school. The doctor lets him know that he’s a great candidate for skin removal surgery.

 At the end of the year, the Harlem Globetrotters visit the gym where Jonathan’s friends have gathered to witness the end of his transformation. Chris pays tribute to Lisa for being the unsung hero here. The crowd goes wild as Jonathan bursts into the gym full of confidence. At the final weigh-in, Jonathan comes in at 277 pounds which means he lost a total of 266 pounds. Way to go, Jonathan!

 Chris lets Jonathan know that Walmart is decking him out with all the top name camping gear as well as a $50,000 gift card. This will help him maintain a healthy lifestyle so that he can spend many more happy days with his family.

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