S2 E07 Sally

08/12/12 | PG | CC

Sally is a 45-year-old devoted mother and wife who never dealt with obesity until her 30s.  A marketing and communications pro who now works as a Washington, DC tour guide, Sally was a slim, athletic child, adolescent and young adult. But serious injuries in her 20s and early 30s nearly cost her the ability to walk and forced her to spend a year in a wheelchair. This sent her into a weight-gaining spiral which has resulted in her weighing 335 pounds. Sally desperately wants to get back to living life to its fullest with her husband and young son. She needs help. Well, help is on the way.

Chris Powell pushes Sally hard during the first workout where she lets out a lot of what’s been kept inside for a long time. Her house is transformed into a workout haven. Sally is tasked with losing 85 pounds during Phase 1. If she does so, Chris will give her a makeover and send her on a shopping spree. Sally worries that her knee is going to rip during her exercises. Chris helps her work through the pain.

Sally’s program has put a strain on her relationship with her husband, Scott. It’s hard for her to watch him eat bad food around her. Sally knows that she’ll have to do this journey on her own. At the 90-day weigh-in, she comes in at 258 pounds. She lost 77 pounds which is eight pounds shy of her goal. A few slipups hurt her. Fear not. The fight’s not over yet.

In Phase 2, Chris wants Sally to lose 50 pounds. He also promises to send her surfing with a professional coach. Unfortunately, Chris sees via webcam that Sally hasn’t been working out as much as she should. He pays her a surprise visit. He weighs her right there on the spot. She’s at 263 pounds. She’s going backwards. They need to find the intensity she’s lost. That starts with therapy. Chris also makes sure that Sally has her family’s support. Scott vows to help her with this transformation.

The 6-month weigh-in takes place in Maui. Sally is down to 238 pounds. She’s only lost 20 pounds. Chris believes she has an excuse for everything. He still allows her to go on a surfing adventure with the legendary Laird Hamilton. His supermodel wife Gabrielle Reece is also there cheering with Chris from the beach. Sally does great riding the waves. She feels such a sense of freedom.

For Phase 3, they need to take things to a whole new level. That’s why Chris asks her to move in with him and his wife, Heidi, in Arizona for a few weeks. His better half actually works behind the scenes on all his transformations. Heidi is way tougher than Chris, as Sally soon finds out when she bails on a workout. Heidi chases after her and gets her back to work. Chris hopes she’ll keep it up when she goes home.

Family and work routines prove to be a challenge for Sally. She looks good at the 9-month weigh-in, but Chris isn’t sure she hit her goal. She comes in at 210 pounds. She’s only lost 28 pounds. The doctor believes she has some more work to do before being a good candidate for the skin removal surgery. He wants her to be 200 pounds before he reevaluates her.

At the end of a trying year, friends and family gather to meet the new Sally. She didn’t make one of her goals, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look great. Sally breaks down while referencing her proud husband and son who cheer her on from the audience. At the final weigh-in, Sally comes in at 197 pounds. She finally hit her goal. It’s a very rewarding feeling, but not as rewarding as the sense of pride she sees in her son’s face. Way to go, Sally!

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