S2 E08 Jarvez

08/19/12 | PG | CC

Jarvez is a former football college star at Oregon State who saw his world collapse when his mother got sick. He stopped playing ball and his weight soared. Now he has a new love in his life. His new wife, Adriana, is worried about his health. Her hubby weighs 548 pounds. It’s time for Jarvez to get back in the game. He needs help. Well, help is on the way.

Chris asks Jarvez to do 50 pushups from his toes on the scale moments after the first weigh-in. He cranks through the first half, but struggles toward the end. Still, Jarvez pushes through this first challenge as well as the first boot camp workout. He returns home to find that his living room has become his new weight loss room. Chris tasks Jarvez to lose 135 pounds during Phase 1. If that happens, he’ll send this former gridiron star to the Super Bowl.

Jarvez takes a bike ride along the Portland waterfront with Chris sitting in a car in the back. He ends up breaking the bike seat. It’s a sobering moment that Chris hopes will become a motivation to lose the weight. Jarvez continues to attack the workouts every day. He can hear his mom saying “keep going.” At the 90-day weigh-in, Jarvez comes in at 406 pounds. He lost 142 pounds and is headed for the Super Bowl!

Chris wants Jarvez to lose 80 pounds during the next phase. He continues to work hard and push himself to his limits. He also continues to watch what he eats. At the Super Bowl, Jarvez meets Ahman Green, the all-time leading rusher for the Green Bay Packers. The former NFL star puts our former college star through some tough drills at the NFL Experience. It’s a very memorable experience overall for Jarvez.

Jarvez becomes ill with vertigo. It stops him in his tracks as far as working out. With this setback, Jarvez comes in at 358 pounds at the 6-month weigh-in. He didn’t hit his goal, but he’s still lost 190 pounds so far. He attacks Phase 3 to get as far under 300 pounds as possible. Adriana even joins him during his workouts. She also accompanies Jarvez to visit his mother’s grave. It’s an emotional time for the entire family. It helps Jarvez find even more motivation to be happy in life.

Jarvez and Adriana go on a vacation at an Arizona resort where he thanks his wife for all that she’s done over the past year. Chris meets up with them to get his client back on a bike to ride some trails. Jarvez rides like the wind and, thankfully, the seat stays sound. They attack some steep hills at a high elevation. Jarvez comes through like a champ. At the 9-month weigh-in, Jarvez is at 284 pounds. He lost 74 pounds in Phase 3! He’s also an excellent candidate for the skin removal surgery.

Family and friends gather at the Oregon State campus to see Jarvez at the final weigh-in. Chris says that it’s mind-blowing to see what has happened over the course of a year. He also says Adriana deserves so much credit for being an incredible support system. Jarvez looks great as he steps onto the stage as cheers fill the air. When Jarvez steps onto the scale for the final weigh-in, he comes in at 267 pounds. That means he lost a grand total of 281 pounds!

Chris lets Jarvez know that Walmart has offered to outfit him with some new clothes and reward him with a $50,000 gift card. Cheers and tears come from the crowd. Chris has one more piece of clothing for Jarvez to try on. It’s his old Oregon State football jersey. He wears it when they honor him at the game later that evening. The entire stadium erupts with applause. Jarvez may have been an offensive lineman, but that didn’t stop him from scoring a total touchdown today.

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