S3 E02 Meredith

06/04/13 | PG | CC

Given up by her birth parents, Meredith was adopted by a loving couple who eventually had another daughter naturally. The only one in the family with weight challenges, Meredith struggled to fit in. She hopes to lose weight to gain confidence to reach out to her birth mother. She even has her goal weight tattooed on her stomach along with the motto “Believe It-Be It.” If she makes it all the way to her goal of 155 pounds, she will qualify for skin removal surgery and can start fresh. The tattoo will be removed. Meredith is at 314 pounds. She needs help to lose the weight. Well, help is on the way!

Meredith has been a lifelong fan of the Baywatch TV series. That’s why Chris Powell takes her for a run on the beach. Emotions about her birth mother arise, but Meredith pushes through with her run to make it to the lifeguard stand in the distance. Chris tasks her with losing 80 pounds during Phase 1. Her family vows to support her with healthy foods in the fridge. Her basement has been turned into a gym with a cool beach theme. Unfortunately, the family support she was promised is bumpy, especially with her sister. Chris realizes he needs to take matters into his hands. He’s moving in.

Chris works Meredith hard and helps her eat healthy. He also chats with her about the possibility of meeting her birth mother. She’s not quite ready for something like that yet. At the 90-Day Weigh-In, Meredith comes in at 230 which means she lost a total of 84 pounds in 90 days. Chris tosses her into the pool for a celebratory swim before heading home. He tasks Meredith with losing 50 pounds for Phase 2. Chris also wants her to train for a full marathon. Meredith attacks this challenge by running through two pairs of training shoes.

As successful as Meredith is physically, she knows she needs to reach out to her birth mom to heal emotionally. She flies to Arizona where Chris offers his full support. Her parents also have her back on this one. While she waits for a response to the letter she sends, Meredith continues to work hard. Knee issues put a wrinkle in her training. She has a tear in her meniscus. She can’t run over eight miles which is tough because a marathon is 26.2. At the 6-Month Weigh-In, Mefredith comes in at 198. She only lost 32 pounds. Still, she’s come a long way.

Chris lets Meredith know that he hired a private information to find information about her birth mom. Seeing a photo gives Meredith a feeling of acceptance. She doesn’t believe that being given away back then defines who she is now. Marathon day arrives. Meredith is surprised to see that Chris is doing the race, too. Her friends are there to support her along the route, but Meredith has knee problems at Mile 19. Her parents join her near the end of the run. This inspires her to press on. Meredith  crosses the finish line to cheers from the crowd. She’s come a long way since that first run on the beach.

Chris wants Meredith to lose 43 pounds in Phase 3. At the 9-Month Weigh-In, she’s lost 22 pounds. Chris isn’t ready to take her in to see the doctor for the skin removal surgery just yet. He has a surprise instead. They return to the beach for a workout with a special guest, former Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert, who has also struggled with her weight. Meredith and Nicole team up for a beach run. Both ladies do well and Meredith has shaved over three minutes off her time from the first run. Three months later, it’s time for the Final Weigh-In. Meredith’s goal, as tattooed on her belly, is to get to 155 pounds. Did she do it?

Friends and family cheer as the all-new Meredith makes her way toward them. An amazing transformation has taken place. Her mom and dad are so proud of her. Just in case her birth mother is watching, Meredith wants her to know that she’s there if she ever wants to get to know her. If not, that’s okay, too. She’s doing just fine with all the love and support she has surrounding her. Her moving speech has Chris in tears. At the Final Weigh-In, Meredith hits her goal right on the nose. She’s at 155. Looks like that tattoo is coming off. Way to go, Meredith!

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