S3 E04 Jason and Rachel

07/02/13 | PG | CC

Trainer Chris Powell chooses Jason, 35, and Rachel, 34, to be his first married couple clients. Except for being severely overweight, these high school sweethearts from South Lyon, MI with five-year-old twins have a picture perfect life. During their first workout together as a couple, Chris learns that Jason only committed to the program to please Rachel. He hopes the transformation process won't tear them apart. At their first weigh-in, they're both surprised when Jason comes in at 362 pounds and Rachel's starting weight is 290 pounds.

Jason says that he’s not the type of guy who does this sort of thing. In fact, he says he can’t do this. “Can’t” is one four-letter word Chris won’t tolerate. Jason pushes himself hard during his beach workout. It starts to click that maybe he truly “can” do this. Chris wants the couple to lose 150 pounds in Phase 1. Chris promises them a trip to New York and the Empire State Building, where Jason proposed to Rachel 13 years ago if they reach this goal.

The entire family is waiting for Jason and Rachel when they return home from boot camp. Neither parent can stop hugging their kids. They are blown away at how their garage has been transformed into an amazing gym. Jason and Rachel attack their workouts without the benefit of Chris being around. She sees a difference right away, but he’s not feeling great about this adventure. That’s why Chris pays the couple a visit. Jason lost 41 pounds while Rachel dropped 39 at the 45-day mark. That’s a total of 80 pounds!

Chris is blown away by the couples level of conditioning and their workout efforts. Still, he challenges them to do a brutal mud run. The course is difficult, but Jason and Rachel apply their training. The climb over a 15-foot wall is extremely challenging, but both make it. They even jump over fire before crossing the finish line. Jason admits that he actually had fun. At the 90-Day Weigh-In, Rachel comes in at 215 while Jason weighs 276. They met their goal which means they are headed for the Big Apple!

Chris challenges the couple to lose a combined total of 100 pounds in Phase 2. Jason and Rachel endure some rocky times. Something unexpected happens. Jason shows up at the Powell home in Arizona. He lets Chris know that he needs a break. He’s been pushed to his limit. He feels there’s no happiness anymore. Chris tries to convince the guy how amazing he is. He grants his client’s wish to change his workouts to have him lifting and punching things. At the 6-Month Weigh-In, Rachel has lost only 28 pounds and Jason only dropped 21. They didn’t meet their goal.

Chris wants his clients to find the intensity they had in Phase 1. As for the happy couple, Jason takes the opportunity to, once again, declare his love for Rachel atop the Empire State Building. He shows her pictures of all the things they’ve accomplished during the year and how they still have many more memories to come. Jason believes Rachel saved his life by pushing him to take on this challenge. They continue to work hard in Phase 3. At the 9-Month Weigh-In, Rachel comes in at 158 pounds. Jason comes in at 215. The fact that he lost 40 pounds brings a smile to his face as he dances around the room.

Jason and Rachel are overjoyed when they learn they are both approved for skin removal surgery. A cheering crowd gathers for the Final Weigh-In. Jason and Rachel both look amazing. She’s down to 145 pounds which means she lost exactly half her original body weight. As for Jason, he just wants to be under 200 pounds. Guess what? He is! Jason weighs 197 pounds. He lost a total of 165 pounds. Chris makes him yell out “I’m good at this!” Walmart gives them each a $25,000 gift card to buy all the fresh produce they need. More cheers from the crowd for this loving couple who proved to their kids, and the world, that they can accomplish anything.

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