S3 E06 Mehrbod

07/16/13 | PG | CC

Mehrbod, a 32-year-old music producer and DJ now living in Los Angeles, CA, is a child of the Iran/Iraq war who fled to America with his family when he was very young. Mehrbod was taught at an early age that food was scarce and one should eat whenever food is available. He currently weighs 434 pounds. Except for the weight and a food addiction preventing him from fully enjoying his life, Mehrbod has it all—a devoted girlfriend, a supportive family and a career full of potential.

Chris Powell learns that Mehrbod has a history of losing and regaining weight. He vows to help Mehrbod safely get to his weight goal in one year. If he reaches his first weight loss milestone, Chris will help him purchase an engagement ring to give to his girlfriend, who put an inspiring quote on his new workout room wall. For Phase 1, Chris wants Mehrbod to lose 125 pounds. But if he loses 135 pounds, he’ll make history by having the largest percentage weight loss in Phase 1 ever. Mehrbod thinks he’s up to the challenge. At the 90-Day Weigh-In, Mehrbod has lost a whopping 137 pounds. Time to get that ring!

For Phase 2, Mehrbod hopes to get down to 230. Working out seems to take a backseat to working at his job as a DJ as it takes him all over the world. At the 6-Month Weigh-In, Mehrbod comes in at 256 pounds. He lost 41 pounds. That’s not bad, but Chris knows it’s not good enough for Mehrbod. He rolls the 26 pounds he left on the table in Phase 2 into Phase 3. Mehrbod needs to get down to 217 pounds. But first, they hit the ski slopes in Whistler, British Columbia alongside World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street, who helps Mehrbod get his skiing groove on. Her coaching helps him beat Chris in a race down the slopes. Picabo presents Mehrbod with his very own gold medal.

By the fire in the ski lodge later that night, Mehrbod tells his girlfriend, Mona, how much she means to him. The two of them can now do so many fun activities together. Still, Mehrbod is freaking out about the next step inn their relationship. Mona’s parents are not happy with the career path their daughter’s boyfriend has chosen. Mehrbod wants to talk to Mona about their relationship, but she opts to spend some time apart from him. All through Phase 3, Mehrbod has been rigging his scale and sending Chris false numbers. Everything is slowly falling apart for him and his trainer has no idea.

At the 9-Month Weigh-In, Chris notices that Mehrbod has no energy. Things haven’t been good. Mehrbod says that he and Mona have split up. He admits to returning to his food addiction and to the lies he’s been telling during Phase 3. Chris is hurt and ticked. The trust is gone. They are back to square one. At the weigh-in, Mehrbod comes in at 302 pounds. He actually gained 46 pounds. Mehrbod vows to let his actions do the talking for him in the final phase. Chris will have to wait and see if he truly follows through this time around.

A cheering crowd of family and friends await the arrival of the new Mehrbod in Hollywood. The roar of the crowd gets even louder when he walks onto the stage. Mehrbod looks fantastic. He’s thrilled to see Mona in the crowd. The two of them are back together and working things out. Dr. Stoker lets Mehrbod know that if he hits 234 pounds, he can have the skin removal surgery. He comes in at 230 which means he lost a total of 204 pounds in a year! He set a record weight lose for Phase 4. Chris gives Mehrbod a $25,000 gift card provided by Walmart so he can continue his healthy lifestyle. Now it’s time to celebrate as Mehrbod cranks up some tunes to get the party started.

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