S3 E07 Trina

07/23/13 | PG | CC

At 5'4" and 290 pounds, 46-year-old registered nurse and mother of three, Trina, is afraid she'll soon become one of the morbidly obese patients she cares for in her hospital. She often calls herself a hypocrite for insisting her patients get their weight to manageable levels, while she continues to neglect her own growing obesity. Help arrives in the form of trainer extraordinaire, Chris Powell.

Trina hits the ground running in the first month, really embracing her new lifestyle. She even gets a group of nurses from her hospital together for a special workout, hoping to show them all the amazing things Chris taught her at boot camp. Chris is so proud of her. He sends a fellow fitness guru, Richard Simmons, to inspire and motivate the nurses. Unfortunately for Trina, the amazing rush of losing weight and working out with one of her fitness idols is quickly lost when she and her mother resume their co-dependent relationship, which sends her back into her bad habits.

Trina’s mother’s comments make Trina feel like she’s not good enough. Trina's husband, Eric, contacts Chris and tells him that he needs to get out to Michigan right away to help save his wife from herself. It’s a shocker, to say the least when he arrives. Chris is horrified to hear that Trina has been stress-eating chili dogs and fries. His client’s family doesn’t get how their bad habits are hurting Trina, who has only lost 35 pounds. Chris gets her back on track and lets her know that she’s very close to her Phase 1 goal.

At the 90-Day Weigh-In, Trina comes in at 215 pounds. That means she met her goal of losing 75 pounds. The others nurses in her group have also lost 133 pounds collectively. As a reward for reaching her Phase 1 goal, Chris will send Trina and her family to the Grand Canyon. But first, she must dive into Phase 2. Her mom and life in general make it difficult for Trina to stay committed to her goal. The 6-Month Weigh-In takes place at the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. The goal was to lose 45 pounds. Trina steps on the scale to reveal that she weighs 183 pounds. The scale is going in the right direction, but she came up 13 pounds shy of her goal.

Phase 3 begins with Chris challenging Trina to hike down to the canyon’s river with 107 pounds strapped to her body. It’s not easy, but Trina makes it down to the bottom where she literally drops all that extra weight she was carrying. Her cheering family is waiting for her when she makes her way back up top. Chris invites Trina home with him to start Phase 3 where she must lose 33 pounds. His wife, Heidi, shows her some new exercise tricks. At the 9-Month Weigh-In, Trina comes in at 149 pounds which means she’s lost almost half of her original body weight. She’s an excellent candidate for skin removal surgery.

The winter weather puts a damper on Trina’s workout routine during Phase 4. Chris is shocked when the nurse tells him that Trina gained 32 pounds since the last time he saw her. He has no idea how this happened in just three weeks. This weight gain causes her to lose the opportunity to have the skin removal surgery. Chris needs to know how this happened. Trina admits that stress caused her to turn to food again. She recommits herself to her goal after getting everything out in the open with Chris.

A cheering crowd awaits as a brand new Trina makes her way to the stage for the Final Weigh-In. But a bunch of other nurses step on the scale before Trina takes center stage. They all made amazing strides in their weight loss journey. When it comes time for Trina to step on the scale, there’s a collective gasp from the audience. Then cheers. Trina comes in at 145 pounds. She hit her goal on the nose. Chris lets Trina know that all of her work friends get $250 gift cards from Walmarrt. As for Trina, she gets some new home furniture and décor along with a $25,000 gift card. Congrats, Trina!

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