S3 E11 Ashley

08/20/13 | PG | CC

Ashley carries extra weight and a huge amount of guilt over the loss of her daughter. After Ashley went into early labor, which she feels was connected to her obesity, her baby did not survive. Chris selects Ashley for a transformation. She begins her journey at a weight of 325 pounds. Chris tasks her with losing 80 pounds in 90 days. He’ll reward her with lots of nice gifts if she meets her goal. Chris is surprised to have her husband, Jason, also jump on board the program, too.

Chris sets up a special workout with the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic Softball team and Ashley's favorite player, Jennie Finch. It’s a great moment, but rough times are ahead when Ashley deals with the anniversary of her baby’s death. Chris believes that memorial service will help her move forward. On Day 81, they take their young son, Tyler, to the cemetery where his sister is buried. The family releases letters they wrote to young Ava into the sky via balloons. Ashley, Jason and Tyler know that those heartfelt notes are now on their way to heaven.

At the 90-Day Weigh-In, Jason has gotten down to 345 pounds. As for Ashley, she comes in at 242 pounds. She lost 83 pounds. Chris wants the two of them to lose 50 pounds each for Phase 2. Since Ashley is an aspiring landscape photographer, Chris sends her to Peru at the 6-month mark, where she and Jason hike Machu Pichu for the ultimate photo shoot. At the 6-Month Weigh-In, Ashley comes in at 214 pounds. She missed her goal, but she still wants to do the massive uphill climb. As for Jason, he actually met his goal and lost 52 pounds.

Ashley has trouble catching her breath during the Machu Pichu hike, but she pushes forward. They make it to the top to take in the breathtaking view of the ruins below. For Phase 3, Chris tasks Ashley with getting down to 175 pounds. If she makes her goal, Chris promises that he’ll do whatever it takes to get Jason the skin removal surgery, too. At the 9-Month Weigh-In, Ashley comes in at 174 pounds. She hit her goal by one pound! As for Jason, he comes in at 259 pounds. Both he and his wife learn that they are both good candidates for skin removal surgery.

Three months later, it’s time for the final weigh-in. Both Ashley and Jason look amazing. The crowd goes wild when they take the stage. Jason weighs in at 228. He’s lost 170 pounds. As for Ashley, she now weighs 161 pounds. She lost a total of 164 pounds which means they’ve lost 334 pounds combined. They are rewarded with a $25,000 gift card from Walmart. The celebration continues with a 5k run to celebrate the short life of their beloved young daughter, Ava.


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