S4 E03 Jayce

06/17/14 | PG | CC

Jayce grew up dreaming of becoming a famous musician.  His father was a songwriter, but Jayce always dreamed of performing on stage. As a child, Jayce was dyslexic and struggled in school. Shy and introverted, he started overeating, weighing 175 pounds by the end of sixth grade, and 320 pounds by the time he finished high school. By the time he ballooned to 417 pounds as an adult, Jayce knew it was time to ask for help.

Jayce got married very young. Though the marriage was good for the first couple of years, after having a son, things took a turn for the worse. Jayce attributes his largest weight gain to his eventual divorce and the ensuing custody battles he continues to fight against his ex-wife.

After his divorce, Jayce moved to Nashville to actively pursue his dream of becoming a musician. In his first year there, he wrote a song, “Country Boy’s World,” which was featured on country star Jason Aldean’s album, “My Kinda Party.” Aldean’s album went on to become the top-selling country album of 2012. Jayce is currently one of the most in-demand songwriters in Nashville, but now he also wants to be the guy on the stage. However, he knows his current weight makes that dream physically impossible.

Determined to finally make his dreams come true and become a man his son can be proud of, Jayce reaches out to Chris Powell to help change his life. Jayce chases his dreams of finally being on stage, with help from surprise visits by country music stars Casey James and Gretchen Wilson.

Additionally, Chris forces Jayce to face his childhood fear of being in the water. He almost drowned when he was six years old. Now he embarks on an unbelievable swimming challenge with Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte.

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