S4 E06 David

07/08/14 | PG | CC

As a child, David often served as caretaker of his younger brothers and sister while his parents were at work. When he was 17, David eschewed his responsibilities for one night and went to a party with his friends. While he was gone, one of his two younger brothers broke into their father’s gun cabinet and accidentally killed David’s other brother. Mere weeks later, David fell asleep before giving his epileptic sister her medication and she died of a seizure in her sleep. Unable to deal with the guilt from their deaths, David became an excessive eater, eventually reaching 413 pounds.

At 30 years old, David’s life seems great: he’s a successful chef for a university in St. Louis with a beautiful long-term girlfriend eager to take the next step in their relationship. Unfortunately, unable to forgive himself for the deaths of his siblings 12 years ago, David constantly sabotages his own chances at happiness. Wanting to end his self-imposed cycle of guilt and punishment, David wrote a letter to Chris Powell asking for help.

Chris guides David on his 365-day journey to lose half his body weight while also helping him gather the courage to sit down with his parents to try to come to terms with the loss of his brother and sister. David also gets the chance to live his lifelong dream of being an MMA fighter. With an assist from Chris, David gets VIP treatment from the UFC during one of the biggest fights of the year in Las Vegas. He also gets to meet UFC Founder Dana White, along with champion fighters Vitor Belfourt, Ronda Rousey and Urijah Faber as he prepares to compete in an MMA challenge with UFC veteran Michael Bisping.

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