S1 E08 Krista

07/24/11 | TV-PG | CC

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: Krista

After learning her two-year-old daughter would need half of her brain removed due to a medical condition, Krista turned to food for comfort. Now 270 pounds overweight, she's afraid she won't be around long enough to take care of her little girl. Can Chris Powell save Krista's life?

Chris surprises Krista at a family dinner and quickly puts her on a plane to Los Angeles. At 445 pounds, it's time to take her life back. Day Two of boot camp introduces Krista to her first and most difficult workout. It isn't easy, but Chris pushes her before she has the chance to quit. This is just the beginning.

When Krista returns home, she's greeted with a brand new living room. No TV. No couch. Just workout equipment. If she loses 100 pounds in three months, she'll get the new car that the family has been so desperately needing. With brutal daily workouts and a strict diet, the next 90 days are insanely difficult. Chris offers some more incentive to keep Krista's motivation high. He buys her dream wedding dress. The catch is that she must be half her current size to fit into it.

At the end of three months, it's weigh-in time. Krista makes the cut and then some! She's lost 105 pounds in just 12 weeks. As promised, Krista gets a brand new car. Not just any car, it's her dream car! Hard work really pays off. Chris leaves and it's up to Krista to resume her workouts alone. Unfortunately, she doesn't stay on schedule. Krista stops returning Chris' phone calls and emails, so he's forced to fly out for a surprise visit.

Things aren't looking good. Krista has given up on her workout routine. To make matters worse, she's gained 25 pounds back. A tight budget and anxiety over her daughter's health has led her to this low point. Will she continue to spiral downhill from here? No way!

Krista turns it around and puts more intensity into her workouts. She even runs a 5k! When Chris shows up for her six month weigh-in, Krista is not expecting to hit her goal. Since she did have a hiccup in her routine, she's comes up short by 15 pounds. Not to worry. She's still lost 70 pounds.

Chris has another surprise for Krista. She's going to Disneyland to run a half-marathon! She has 13.1 miles to beat, but her family and friends are there to cheer her on. Repeating her daughter's words of encouragement gives Krista the strength she needs to finish. She's come a long way in only six months. Then the unthinkable happens.

Despite having brain surgery to prevent recurring medical issues, Krista's daughter has a seizure. She struggles to deal with the stress. At the end of nine months, Krista has gained back 30 pounds. It's a reality check she needed. At the gym once more, Krista really pushes herself. She runs faster on the treadmill than she ever thought possible! As Chris reminds us, it's not about hugs and high-fives. It's about falling down and picking yourself back up.

At the final weigh-in, Krista looks fabulous. From 445 pounds, she's down to 265. That's 180 pounds lost in one year! Despite the curveballs that came her way, Krista was able to pick herself up and fight back. To top it off, she can finally fit into her dream wedding gown. A beautiful woman deserves a beautiful dress. Keep up the great work, Krista. We're rooting for you!

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