S1 E02 Episode 2: Alex

06/05/11 | TV-PG | CC

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: Alex

Alex is a 23-year-old baseball fanatic from Georgia. His weight kept him from playing the game that he loves. He lost his mom when he was a senior in high school. Her last wish was that he would get healthy. Now with Chris Powell on his side, Alex knows it's time to make that wish come true. In other words, it's time to play ball!

Alex begins boot camp by weighing in at 459 pounds. He gets a crash course in nutrition followed by an intense first workout. Those exercise sessions continue at home with his brand new gym setup. Chris places a picture of his mom over the fireplace for inspiration. Chris wants Alex to lose 100 pounds over the next three months. If he does this, he'll get season tickets for the Atlanta Braves.

Chris moves in with Alex to get him adjusted to his new lifestyle. By Day 60, he's lost 69 pounds. One month later, it's time for the 90-Day weigh-in. At the end of Phase One, Alex learns he fell three pounds short of his goal. He's not getting the season tickets, but Chris does bring him to a Braves game where he meets the team. The pro athletes are more than impressed by the great strides Alex has made so far.

For Phase Two, Chris challenges Alex to lose five pounds per day over the next three months. But this time he must do it on his own. Alex struggles to stay focused and motivated. Chris checks in via some hidden security cameras. He catches Alex playing video games when he should be working out.

Alex's six-month weigh-in coincides with his dad's wedding. He admits to Chris that he's missing his mom during the months leading up to this day. When they do the weigh-in, Alex weighs in at 341 pounds. That's not even close to his 302 goal. Chris believes Alex needs consistency. That's why he's enlisting him in the army for a 24-hour experience as a soldier. But first he has a wedding to attend.

Alex's dad has a gift for his son/best man. It's his own dad's ring that he's passing down to Alex. It's touching father-son moment followed by a lovely wedding. Chris hopes the ceremony showed Alex that it's okay to move on. Make that it's time to "march on" as Alex heads over to Fort Benning for some army training.

The drill sergeants are on top of Alex from the moment he arrives. With a newly-shaved head, Alex has an early morning wakeup call followed by some basic training. The repel wall is such challenge as is the rope bridge and cargo net. Alex's entire company cheers him on as he makes it through. He's awarded a coin that symbolizes everyone in his battalion. It's a symbol to never, ever quit.

Alex needs to drop another 70 pounds to be a candidate for the skin removal surgery. At the nine-month weigh-in, Chris doesn't even recognize the tall, slender man he sees before him. Alex is oozing with confidence. He says, "I found a swagger and I'll be darned if I'm ever giving it back." When he steps onto the scale, Alex weighs in at 264 pounds. He lost 77 pounds in Phase Three. That's 195 pounds total. Way to go, Alex!

Alex learns he's a candidate for the skin removal surgery. Three months later, Chris returns to Georgia to show us what a difference a year makes. A crowd gathers at the baseball field where Alex's mom used to watch him play. It's the last place he feels he ever made his mom proud.

The crowd erupts with cheers when a brand new Alex steps onto the field. There are high-fives from his fans and hugs from his dad and Chris. Alex steps onto the scale for his final weigh-in. He comes in at an amazing 243 pounds. That means he lost 216 total pounds in one year.

Tears flow as the crowd learns that a plaque will be placed on the field in a section to be dubbed Kim's Corner in honor of Alex's mom. He wishes that she could be with him at this moment. A few voices from the crowd can be heard saying that she is. Alex believes this is the truth.

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