Diane Miller

played by Carolyn Hennesy
Character Biography

Diane Miller is the fiercest woman in Port Charles, and if you ask her, she probably won't mind saying so herself. We first saw her as Sonny's take-no-prisoners mob attorney, and while she's been keeping his and Jason's butts (mostly) out of jail ever since, her exploits aren't limited to the courtroom. Whether in court, in her love life, or in front of a closet, Diane knows what she wants and gets it.

The Good
-Befriended Alexis Davis on a road trip to the Litigator of the Year awards, forming an enduring bond.
-Diane's a loyal friend (most especially to Alexis), a fashion enthusiast, and a red-hot lover (just ask Max).

The Bad and the Ugly
-Her crippling addiction to haute couture and shoes.

-Alexis Davis
-Sonny Corinthos

Love Interests
-Max Giambetti

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Actor Biography

L.A.-native Carolyn Hennesy is a theater-trained actress whose stage credits run the gamut in both the U.S. and England. After dozens of acting credits on TV and in film -- including a recurring role as the Joey Potter-tormenting Mrs. Valentine on Dawson's Creek -- Carolyn joined the General Hospital cast in 2007 as crack mob attorney Diane Miller. She would be named TV Guide's Best Supporting Actress of 2007. In 2009, Carolyn joined the cast of the ABC sitcom Cougartown.

In addition to her screen credits, Carolyn -- a Groundlings-trained comedian -- teaches improv comedy and is also the author of the "Pandora" series of children's books.

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