Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin

played by Rebecca Herbst
Character Biography

Elizabeth Webber is the granddaughter of legendary Chief of Staff Steve Hardy and his wife Audrey. She came to Port Charles as a teenager and has become one of GH's most beloved nurses. Elizabeth is the mother of three boys: Cameron, Jake, and Aiden Webber.

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Actor Biography

Daytime Emmy Award-nominated actress Rebecca Herbst originated the role of Elizabeth Webber in August of 1997. Six-year-old Herbst told her mother that she wanted to be on television, so that she could play with the toys. She went on to appear in more than 60 national commercials. Her television credits also include: HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN, L.A. LAW, BEVERLY HILLS, 90210, STEP BY STEP, BOY MEETS WORLD, SISTER SISTER, BROTHERLY LOVE, KALEIDOSCOPE, and DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Although acting was a key part of Herbst's upbringing, she was also a competitive ice-skater. And even though she gave it up to start acting, Rebecca still loves to ice-skate and rollerblade in her free time. Herbst lives near Los Angeles with her husband, Michael Saucedo, and their three children.

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