Liesl Obrecht

played by Kathleen Gati
Character Biography

Dr. Liesl Obrecht is a force to be reckoned with. The General Hospital Chief of staff will terrorize anyone who stands in her path. Sharp-tongued, smart and devious, most residents steer clear of Dr. Obrecht. She does have a softer side that comes out once in a blue moon that is solely reserved for her children or her true love Cesar Faison. 

The Good
-Will go to any length to help her children Britt Westbourne and Nathan West.
-Serenaded her son at the Nurses' Ball with a beautiful song.
-Nothing else comes to mind.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Snuck Faison out of prison by disguising herself as Anna.
-Took Duke hostage in the catacombs.
-Crashed the Nurses Ball.
-Orchestrated the kidnapping of Baby Ben.
-Shot Elizabeth Webber 

-Anna Devane
-Elizabeth Webber
-Madeline Reeves (her sister)
-Almost everyone in Port Charles

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Actor Biography

Dr. Liesl Obrecht on ABC's "General Hospital"

An accomplished and award-winning actress both domestically and internationally, Kathleen Gati plays the evil and mysterious Dr. Liesl Obrecht. Obrecht is the mother of Dr. Britt Westbourne, whose father is Obrecht's ex-lover, the wicked Cesar Faison. Scorned by Faison, she vows to seek revenge against Police Chief, Anna Devane, the object of Faison's true affection. Recently, Obrecht was surprisingly named the new General Hospital Chief of Staff.

Kathleen Gati was raised by Hungarian immigrants in Canada, and was brought up in an artistic environment. Her father was a symphony conductor and her mother an opera singer. She started acting at the age of three and wrote, directed and starred in her first play at the age of eight. Gati studied ballet and acting until the age of 18, when she moved to New York to study and pursue her acting career.

After performing in dozens of plays both on and off-Broadway, as well as working in numerous roles on television and in film, Gati traveled to Hungary to film "Goldberg Variations," for which she won the Hungarian Best Supporting Actress Award. She subsequently stayed on in Hungary for several years, during which time she starred in multiple films, television series and movies of the week, winning several awards along the way. Her lead performance in Hungary's biggest hit of the '90s, "We Never Die," (Sose Halunk Meg) made her an extremely popular actress in Eastern and Central Europe.

Gati returned to the States and has worked continuously in New York, Los Angeles and Canada in over ninety stage plays and in over a hundred feature films and television roles. She is best known for her role on "24" as Anya Suvarov, First Lady of Russia. Other TV credits include "Alphas," "Arrow," "Fairly Legal," "Leverage," "Covert Affairs," "The Mentalist", "NCIS," "Bones," "Desperate Housewives," "Cold Case," "The League," "Lie to Me," "Weeds," "ER," "Las Vegas" and "Me, Eloise." Gati's film work includes "Transformers: Dark of The Moon," "Trade," "Igby Goes Down," "Jakob the Liar," "ZigZag," "Meet The Fockers," and "House Bunny."

Gati currently lives in Los Angles with her husband, Michael.

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