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Daytime Emmy Award® winning actor Roger Howarth started playing the role of artist Franco in 2013. Since he returned to Port Charles, Franco has been trying to right his wrongs. However, just as he thought he was turning his life around, Franco is slowly reverting back to his sinister ways.

Howarth was born in Westchester County, NY, and following one semester at George Washington University, decided to pursue acting. He enrolled at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center and performed at such prestigious regional theater centers as Williamstown (MA), Stagetown (Springfield, MA) and the Cleveland Playhouse. In addition, he has appeared in a New York Shakespeare Festival production of Macbeth, and as Probst in the WPA's The White Rose. He was selected through a nationwide talent search and subsequently won roles on Loving and Guiding Light.

Howarth created the role of ABC's One Life To Live Todd Manning in December 1992, turning what was originally a day-player into a compelling long-term character. He was awarded the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding younger Actor in 1994. Howarth appeared on OLTL from 1992- 2003 and returned to the role again in 2011. Other television credits include The Flash, Californication, the science fiction series Prey, Dawson's Creek, and As the World Turns.

Howarth's theatre credits include Henry IV, Passions, You Touched Me, Mother Courage and Orestes, and he made his Broadway debut in The White Rose. In 1999 he appeared in James Goldman's Broadway production of The Lion in Winter alongside Stockard Channing and Laurence Fishburne.

Howarth currently resides in NYC with his wife, Cari. They have two children.

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Character Biography

Franco Baldwin is a world-renowned artist and founder of General Hospital's art therapy program. He is the son of Scott Baldwin and Heather Webber. Franco has found love and family with Elizabeth Webber, in spite of his troubled past.

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