Valerie Spencer

played by Brytni Sarpy
Character Biography

When Luke Spencer suffered a severe breakdown in 2015, the Spencer family sought out Luke's estranged older sister Pat Spencer—and instead found her daughter, Valerie. Still suffering through the trauma of losing her mother, Valerie struggled to find her place in Port Charles. She developed an immediate connection with Dante Falconeri who is married to her cousin Lulu. When Valerie started working for the police department, she and Dante grew even closer and ended up sleeping together. Lulu eventually found out and enlisted the help of Johnny Zacchara in running Valerie out of town. Lulu later apologized and the two have made amends. Valerie moved on to Dillon Quartermaine before meeting Curtis Ashford (a former police officer who suffered from a drug problem and was entangled at one time with Jordan Ashford) and has managed to steer clear of drama for the time being.

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Actor Biography

Valerie Spencer on ABC's "General Hospital"

Actress Brytni Sarpy joined the cast of "General Hospital" as Valerie Spencer in 2015. Valerie is the daughter of Luke and Bobbie Spencer's long lost sister, Patricia. After her mother's passing, Valerie decided to stay in Port Charles in order to get to know her newfound family.

In addition to "General Hospital," Sarpy has appeared in the TV seriesMy Crazy Ex" and the film, "You Again." She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting at The University of California Santa Barbara, where she appeared in several local theater productions.

Sarpy is also a trained dancer who takes time to volunteer with Art of Elysium, Goodwill Social, Blankets of Love and Breast Cancer Awareness. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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