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General Hospital, which celebrated its 55th anniversary on April 1, 2018, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

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March 2014

    S51 E230 Monday Mar.3, 2014

    AJ confronts Ava about what he remembers the night Connie was murdered. Victor Cassadine has an unexpected request of Dr. Obrecht. A private moment between Patrick and Robin gets interrupted.

    03/03/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E232 Wednesday Mar.5, 2014

    The PCPD begins questioning suspects in the shooting of a Port Charles resident. Someone is secretly watching Sam and Silas. Tracy braces herself for Luke’s disclosure. Ric has a revelation for Elizabeth.

    03/05/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E233 Thursday Mar.6, 2014

    As AJ battles for his life, the suspects work on finding alibis. Anna makes an arrest in the case. Molly calls Ric with an unexpected request. Luke tells Tracy why he lied to her and then offers her a proposition.

    03/06/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E234 Friday Mar.7, 2014

    Many in Port Charles are shocked upon learning who has been implicated in a recent shooting. Duke’s quandary could alienate him even further from Anna. Alexis learns Ric reconnected with his other ex-wife.

    03/07/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E235 Monday Mar.10, 2014

    Carly confronts Sonny as AJ’s condition changes. Duke is hesitant to tell Anna information regarding the shooting. Alexis becomes livid when she finds out Ric’s plans for Molly. Tracy notices that Luke is acting strange.

    03/10/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E236 Tuesday Mar.11, 2014

    Michael continues to absorb more about what happened to AJ. Julian and Ric appear to have a mysterious involvement with one another. Felix is blindsided when he sees Lucas and Brad together.

    03/11/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E237 Wednesday Mar.12, 2014

    Sonny perceives how worried Michael is about AJ’s condition and tries to comfort him. Britt tells her mother that she is engaged to Nikolas. Ric has an offer for Liz that puts Nikolas on edge.

    03/12/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E238 Thursday Mar.13, 2014

    To get to the bottom of AJ’s shooting, a frustrated Anna and Dante question more people. Emma asks Patrick a difficult question regarding Robin. Lulu dreams Ben is her son. Luke’s continuing out-of-character behavior affects Kiki.

    03/13/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E239 Friday Mar.14, 2014

    Silas gets an unexpected visitor from his past. Sam may have a new suspect in Nina’s case. While a threat lurks in AJ’s room, an unaware Patrick informs Michael and Monica of AJ’s medical options.

    03/14/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E240 Monday Mar.17, 2014

    AJ is running out of time and Michael must now make a life or death decision about his father’s medical treatment. Nathan’s true motives are revealed when a family member pays him a visit. Alexis surprises Molly and TJ by giving them her blessing. TJ and Shawn receive a shocking blast from their past.

    03/17/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E241 Tuesday Mar.18, 2014

    Ava questions Julian about his involvement with Ric. Sonny asks Alexis for a favor. Elizabeth is frantic when she discovers Cameron has gone missing. Lulu confides in Lucas about her feelings towards Ben. Britt feels guilty about keeping her secret from Nikolas. A previous love appears and cautions Nikolas about his engagement to Britt.

    03/18/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E242 Wednesday Mar.19, 2014

    Patrick provides some dire news about AJ’s condition. Before the party, Britt decides to destroy some incriminating evidence about Ben’s parentage. Shawn demands to know what his visitor’s true motives are for coming to Port Charles. Luke makes Kiki uncomfortable when he confronts her about their incident.

    03/19/14Season 51TV-PG
    E243 Thursday Mar.20, 2014

    As Britt and Nikolas’s engagement party begins, a relieved Britt believes she is in the clear about her secret. Sam makes a confession to Silas about her romantic past. Dante shows off baby Ben to Sonny and Olivia while Lulu continues to grapple with her maternal feelings. Will a guilt-ridden Brad be stopped from confessing the truth about Ben?

    S51 E245 Monday Mar.24, 2014

    The drama intensifies throughout Wyndemere, as Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party is in full force. Elizabeth has her own way of handling the baby Ben revelation, while Dr. Obrecht threatens Brad if he exposes the truth. Alexis confronts Ric about being in cahoots with Julian. Tracy walks in on a covert meeting with Luke.

    03/24/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E246 Tuesday Mar.25, 2014

    Lulu stuns the engagement party with a wild assertion that breaks up the party. Sonny questions Luke about the Jeromes. Julian is so offended by Alexis’s interrogation about Ric that it leads to a heated argument. Silas and Sam are surprised to find his apartment ransacked and suspect who might be responsible.

    03/25/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E247 Wednesday Mar.26, 2014

    Dante and Lulu are appalled by Dr. Obrecht’s latest scheme involving Ben. While Britt tries to plead her case, an enraged Nikolas condemns her behavior. Lucas has hard questions for Brad about his part in Britt’s cover-up. Ric attempts to woo Elizabeth. Nathan learns disturbing news about Nina.

    03/26/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E248 Thursday Mar.27, 2014

    Kiki catches Ava ready to enter AJ’s room and updates her so-called concerned mother about his condition. Dante prods Britt about the Ben situation, and apologizes to Lulu. Nikolas is heartbroken over Britt’s actions. Silas makes a startling admission to Sam about Nina, while Anna presses Nathan to come clean.

    03/27/14Season 51TV-PG
    S51 E250 Monday Mar.31, 2014

    Monica uses everything she knows to help AJ win the battle of his life. When Nikolas arrives at Elizabeth’s, he senses that something is very off -- as though she’s not alone! An unlikely person is asked to bring down Ava. When Luke meets with Julian, he presents a scheme that could destroy Sonny.

    03/31/14Season 51TV-PG