S51 E77 Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013

12/11/13 | TV-PG | CC

Robin is primed for a reunion, however Patrick has yet to sort out his feelings. Emma wrestles with her affection for Sabrina. Sabrina tells Felix that she intends to let Patrick go.  Felix is incensed when he learns she came to this decision as a result of Robin’s prodding. Sabrina prefers to let Patrick decide what he wants. Franco awakes agitated from the recent events surrounding his mother. Carly thinks he’s agitated because he fears she is going to walk out on him.  Franco nearly tells Carly the truth about his run in with Heather.  Franco seeks out psychiatric help with Kevin Collins. Britt and Nikolas receive a package addressed to Faison’s pseudonym, PK Sinclair.  Elizabeth arrives to return Spencer and Ben to their parents. Liz presses Nikolas about his intentions toward Britt.  Will Nikolas remain committed to Britt? Robert has a clandestine meeting with Anna.  Duke takes Robert to task for his role in facilitating Julian’s charade. Anna requires confirmation from Duke that he will keep clear of Julian, but Duke is privately undecided on the matter. Kevin is out looking for Lucy. Scott reminds a conflicted Lucy that she told him her marriage is over. Will Lucy finally tell Kevin the truth about her and Scott?

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