S51 E78 Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013

12/12/13 | TV-PG | CC

Franco begs Kevin to see him as a patient.  Kevin would rather use his time to spend more time with Lucy, but he relents and is shocked by Franco’s revelations. Carly realizes Lulu and Dante lost the baby. Lulu blames Dante for refusing to corroborate her lie during the hearing.  Carly urges Lulu to take responsibility and not to blame Dante. An anguished Lulu breaks down about losing the baby.  A supportive Sonny urges a grieving Dante to take action and do something to save himself, his marriage and Lulu.  Robin and Maxie commiserate over their equally devastating blows lately and both try to life one another’s spirits up. Spinelli shows up and shares a happy reunion with Robin and has some news to share with Maxie regarding Ellie’s new job offer. Lucy tells Scott she needs to confess. Cab Lucy and Scott still be friends if she tells Kevin that they slept together?

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