S51 E86 Friday, Dec. 27, 2013

12/27/13 | TV-PG | CC

It’s New Year’s Eve in Port Charles. Patrick and his chosen are enjoying their new life together.  Sam wonders if Patrick took her advice regarding what to do about Sabrina and Robin. Patrick listens intently as Danny mentions his brush with new parenthood via Britt, prompting him to think about having another baby. Felix returns home early and makes a discovery -- injured fugitive Carlos in Sabrina’s bed.  Sabrina feels nauseated, chalking it up to stress, but Felix thinks otherwise. Despite the fact that their dates tend to end in disaster or with shattering revelations, Silas asks Sam out for New Year’s Eve and reveals to Sam he has something he needs to tell her. A military veteran who thinks he might have cancer comes to see Silas for a prognosis. The soldier confides to Dr. Clay he’s had to keep this potentially painful secret from his loving wife and doesn’t like lying to her -- a message that leaves Silas pondering if he should tell Sam the truth about his own dark past. With renewed hope, Lulu and Dante discuss Britt’s idea of harvesting and fertilizing new eggs for their next child and agree to go forward with it. Maxie makes an announcement to Robin and her parents that she’s going on an “Eat Pray Love”-type journey to find herself because it is the only way she’ll be able to start getting over her guilt, and her loss of the baby. She has one more person to see before she goes –- who will it be? While they cuddle in bed, Nikolas suggests they move Britt’s belongings in so that they are officially a couple.  

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