S51 E02 Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014

01/22/14 | TV-PG | CC

Franco remains perplexed over who could be framing him but Kiki thinks she might know. Franco, hiding, finds a way to spare an uncomfortable Kiki from Dante’s questions but Kiki finds herself once again lying to Michael, the man she loves. The PCPD swarm Kelly’s looking for Franco to no avail which leads Dante to ask a now unsure Michael if Franco and Kiki are working together? When Spencer, Cameron and Emma hear cries of help emanating from inside the stables, they find the lone Heather who tells the kids a monstrous lie as to why she’s there. They tell the adults in hopes that they will be taken seriously. The new Chief of Staff demands drastic changes which will surely impact the GH staff. Anna makes a possible connection that might just unravel the mystery as to why this Chief of Staff was selected. When Britt, still reeling from the new Chief of Staff announcement, learns that Lulu and Dante have split up, she’s flooded with guilt.  Britt urges Lulu to save her marriage. Later, Lulu and Dante share a bittersweet moment that leaves Dante feeling hopeful. Felix and Sabrina once again ask the noncommittal Liz to not reveal Sabrina’s secret.


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