S51 E05 Monday, Jan. 27, 2014

01/27/14 | TV-PG | CC

Now that Sonny knows the truth about his son’s betrayal, Julian tells Morgan he’d better watch his back. But would a father hurt his own son? Just to be sure, Ava offers Morgan a gun for protection. A concerned Lucy begs Felicia to not reveal to Kevin her affair with Scott, insisting their tryst was just a one-time occurrence. Before Anna can decide if Duke is telling her the truth about his “job interview,” Julian provides Anna with information as to what Duke has really been up to. The sight of an arrested Silas in handcuffs is unnerving for Rafe. TJ makes a rude crack to Rafe about his murderous family causing Rafe to blurt out TJ’s part in the warehouse shooting. Nathan has just 48 hours left to find more evidence against Silas, or set him free! 

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