GH Recap: Jason Walks Out on Liz: Week of December 14th

By Ann Johnson | Dec 18th, 2015

It's GH recap time! Trouble in paradise! Jason decides to move out of Liz's. Diane arrives with the divorce papers and Liz breaks down.

Meanwhile, Dante tries to reach to Lulu, but she conferences secretly with Johnny, determined to get revenge on Valerie. Later, Valerie’s car breaks down unexpectedly and Johnny appears in a deserted area ready to “help.” He manages to suss out information about Valerie, namely that what she values most is being a cop.

Bleary-eyed Liz arrives at the hospital, looking for Patrick.  A doctor explains that Patrick took a family leave, comments that Liz looks to be in rough shape.  Carly arrives, lambastes Liz for keeping the truth from Jason.  They move their argument into the therapy room, where unbeknownst to them, Franco is listening. After Carly goes, Franco offers unexpectedly kind and wise words to Liz, explaining that he knows a little something about being the town pariah.

Across town, Nina is upset that Franco doubts Julian’s belief in her abilities, but Franco protests that he simply doesn’t want Nina to get hurt. Nina asks Julian point blank why he hired her, and Julian admits that, barring a miracle, he doesn’t expect the magazine to recover (omitting the fact that this is his intended strategy). Maxie, trying to keep Dillon in town, asks Nina if there’s a place for him at the magazine… and Nina proclaims: He’s hired! 

In other news, Patrick and Emma arrive in Paris but discover the address they had for Robin is not a residence, but a storefront and the store’s owner has never seen nor heard of Robin. The owner suspects confusion between similar addresses in different parts of the city. Patrick allows that possibility and tries without success to reach Robin. Emma admires the storeowner’s necklace and later tells Patrick that Spencer has a tip pin with the same emblem that was on that lady’s necklace. Without alerting Emma to his alarm, Patrick contacts Anna and reports that Robin is AWOL, her disappearance apparently having something to do with the Cassadine family. Meanwhile, Robin has failed to deliver the formula Jerry wanted and Jerry gives Robin’s guard the order to kill her.


GH Spoiler: Does Robin Have a Chance?|Before she is killed, Robin has one last request.|Robin has failed to deliver the formula Jerry wanted and Jerry gives Robin's guard the order to kill her.

Robert arrives to assist Anna and Patrick in their quest to find and save Robin.

Robert Scorpio Returns|Robert Scorpio arrives to find and save Robin.|Robert Scorpio arrives to assist Anna and Patrick in their quest to find and save Robin.

Meanwhile, Robin gets the guard to let her “last request” to say goodbye to Patrick and Emma take place and she has a 2-way call with the alerted threesome in which she gives up clues that help lead them to the lab.  They burst in on Jerry, taking the lab apart, destroying hard drives and laptops and files. When they demand to know where Robin is, he tells them they’re too late: She’s dead.

Meanwhile, Dillon and Maxie both have the same idea as they realize it’s the anniversary of Georgie’s death. Earlier, Maxie and Dillon help Nina prepare at the gala and Nina comes up with a plan that gets Crimson some free publicity and is all over it at the gala. Also in the ballroom, Monica and Tracy are getting ready, bond again but at arm’s length. Monica crosses with Jason as well and is grateful to Carly for whatever hand she had in getting Jason to attend this important event.


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