GH Recap: Sam's Life is in Danger: Week of February 1st

By Ann Johnson | Feb 5th, 2016

This week on GH, divorce, danger and deception! Let’s dive right in. Sam is out cold when she lands at the bottom of Liz’s basement. Jake, terrified at what he thinks he’s done and leaping to a conclusion that Sam is dead, closes the door and takes off. Meanwhile, Jason and Liz confer with Jake’s therapist, who concurs that Jake’s behavior is troubling and arranges to see him tomorrow. Jason and Liz return home to find the babysitter frantic and alone: Jake has disappeared with his bicycle, having left behind a note indicating he’s run away. Later, they watch in horror as Jake is hit by a car.

Across town, Lulu’s attempt to revive her marriage seems to meet with early success: She and Dante come together in a kiss that might grow into more… only to fizzle. They agree that something between them has been broken beyond repair and make the mutual decision to end things. Later, they sign divorce papers.

Dante & Lulu Get a Divorce|After a sad goodbye, Lulu & Dante sign divorce papers.|Dante and Lulu agree that something between them has been broken beyond repair and make the mutual decision to end things.


Nina pitches Julian and Olivia on her next issue of Crimson, a follow-up to the now-infamous Green Issue – a “real women” issue, which will feature none other than Olivia breastfeeding Leo. Olivia is reluctant but goes all-in after Julian expresses his discontent with the idea.

In other news, the professor who instigated Kristina’s suspension shows up… and she’s a woman. Parker confronts Kristina about damaging notices that have appeared on a website that reviews college instructors. Kristina challenges Parker, suggesting the older woman has an attraction to her. Parker warns Kristina to back off, lest her suspension – and the reason for it – become known to her parents.

Later, Jason and Liz have been at the hospital all night with Jake who is unconscious.  Eventually Jake wakes up. He manages to whisper Sam's name.  Jason and Liz misunderstand, assuring him that they aren't angry with him.  Before he can say more, he's taken off for surgery.

Later, Hayden and Nikolas have arrived in Las Vegas to get married and have worked hard to find the most outrageous chapel possible. Hayden’s ready to go for it when Nikolas slows it down by showing her the prenup he feels is necessary before they make it official. She is surprisingly okay with it as they come together, even over this. After they are married Nikolas attends to some business back in the chapel. A man recognizes her as “Rachel” leaving Hayden thunderstruck.

Who is Rachel?|A stranger recognizes Hayden at a Las Vegas chapel.|After they are pronounced man and wife, Hayden admires her new wedding ring in the lobby as Nikolas attends to some business back in the chapel. A stranger stuns Hayden when he calls her "Rachel."


Meanwhile, Jason & Liz learn a complication occurred during Jake’s surgery. Jake is fine but will require further surgery later on. Groggy Jake apologizes for hurting “her,” which means nothing to his parents. Meanwhile at Liz’s house, the fumes from the overturned kerosene heater trigger the carbon monoxide alarm. Sam attempts to right the heater but passes out, overtaken by the fumes.

Sam is in Danger|A heater malfunction puts Sam's life in danger.|A freezing Sam finds an old heater and plugs it in. Just as she drifts off to sleep, the heater starts to malfunction.


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