Recap: GH Week of Feb 24

Feb 28th, 2014


Monday, February 24th marked the 13,000th episode. Kiki and Michael decided to cool their relationship down while Patrick and Robin shared an emotional last night together. Sonny calls an old flame, Brenda Barrett. AJ retraces his steps the night of Connie's murder and later in the week his memory comes back as to what happened. Ava uses Carlos to do her dirty work and attack AJ who is saved by Luke.  Sam and Silas enlist Delia,  to help them in their plan to clear Silas's name. Delia is more than happy to help prove that her daughter is framing Silas. 

Ric Lansing returned to Port Charles which rocked everybody's world. Sonny is naturally suspicious and Alexis is far from pleased. Ric claims to be in town to spend time with his daughter but everyone knows that he is up to no good. Robin shared an emotional goodbye with her mother. Nikolas wants an engagement party much to the dismay of Liz.  Silas makes a huge decision regarding his wife.