Recap: GH Week of March 10th

Mar 14th, 2014


If you missed General Hospital this week we have a lot to catch you up on! AJ is still fighting for his life. Carly confronted Sonny about his role in AJ's shooting. Sonny denied it and offered his support to Michael. Anna went to question Sonny about the shooting and found Duke instead. Duke told Anna that Sonny was with him the night of the shooting. Anna isn't completely convinced and admitted that Julian is in custody for the shooting. AJ woke up briefly and told Michael that Julian is not the one who shot him. Before he can explain any further he slipped unconscious and had a seizure. Julian is released from jail and Ava is worried. If AJ wakes up he may blow her cover. At the end of the week, Ava snuck into AJ's hospital room and tried to kill him. He woke up while she was cutting his oxygen tube and grabbed her wrist. She ran off in a panic.

Tracy is concerned about Luke’s out of character behavior. Luke made a move on Kiki and she runs out. Later in the week Luke makes another move on Kiki but this time Morgan walked in and intervened. Morgan chose not to tell Tracy.
Meanwhile, Sam begged Nathan to lay off of Silas. Sam thinks that Ava is the true culprit. Later, Silas is visited by Madeline, Nina’s mother. Madeline is in town because she wants Silas to sign papers relinquishing any claim to Nina's money. Silas told her that he would sign the papers only if he could see Nina. Madeline refuses and leaves the papers. 

Liz tells Nikolas that she isn’t attending his engagement party but Ric overhears and offered to escort her. She accepts which rattles Nikolas who is clearly not comfortable with it. Ric asks Liz if she accepted for Nikolas’s benefit. Liz admits that she might have.
Lulu had a dream that Ben was her son. She decided not to share her dream with Dante and goes to visit Ben. Lulu offered to help Britt with the party and Britt is clearly uncomfortable with Lulu’s presence.

What a week! What was your favorite part?