Recap: GH Week of March 17th

Mar 21st, 2014



What a drama filled week on General Hospital! AJ’s life still hangs in the balance and the investigation continues as to who shot him. Madeline paid Nathan a visit revealing that he is her son and that Nina is Nathan’s sister. Shawn is shocked to see TJ’s mother, Jordan Ashford, in Port Charles. Jordan claims that she has changed her wild ways and is there to take TJ. Shawn isn’t buying it. Later she surprises everyone when she says that she intends to stay in Port Charles.

Sonny asks Alexis to get close to Julian in order to find out if he is Ric’s secret bankroller. They attend the party together but Alexis has little luck getting information out of him. Later we see that the secret person that Julian is meeting is Luke!

Nikolas is paid a visit by his late wife Emily who warns him that the engagement party might not go as planned. The night of the party everything comes to a head.  Brad, feeling guilty over his part in the scheme, wants to come clean but Dr. Obrecht quickly intervenes threatening him. Liz discovers Britt’s letter confessing what she did and cannot wait to tell Lulu. And the night has only just begun!

What a week! What was your favorite part?