Recap: GH Week of March 24th

Mar 28th, 2014


General Hospital was insane with drama this week! The week started with Liz showing Lulu proof that Ben is her son. A furious Lulu stops the engagement party with the news.  Britt has a breakdown and Nik is disgusted with her. Dante and Lulu go upstairs to get their baby and find Dr. Obrecht with a knife. Fearing for Ben's safety, Lulu and Dante let Obrecht leave with Ben.  Britt is arrested and Nik throws Liz out of his house and yells at Britt. The party is over.

Meanwhile, Sam and Silas come home and find Silas's apartment trashed.  Silas thinks that the culprit is Madeline. Nathan is clearly uncomfortable with that. Both Silas and Nathan find out that Nina is dead. Nathan informs Silas that his alibi checked out. Now they set their sights on Ava. As usual, Sam has a plan.

Carly is alone with AJ when he wakes up.  AJ tells Carly that Sonny shot him. Carly is beyond upset and before she can get any more answers, AJ crashes.  ER races to save AJ's life. At the end of the week Obrecht has now taken Liz hostage along with Ben. Nik arrives at the door to apologize to Liz unaware that Obrecht is inside.

What a week! What was your favorite part?