GH Recap: The Past and Future Collide: Week of March 30th

By Ann Johnson | Apr 3rd, 2015

In honor of General Hospital’s 52nd anniversary, the past and future collided. Let’s start from the beginning.

Valerie tells Lulu and Dante where Patricia is. When Lulu tracks her down, Luke is there with a gun.Just as Luke is about to shoot, the real Luke is able to break through. He has no idea what has happened. 


It is then that we find out the real story about what made Luke this way. 



Meanwhile, Franco & Nina are up to their usual antics. They blackmail Olivia into providing them with a room at the Metro Court. Carly is furious.

Across town, Ric & Hayden’s plan isn’t going well. Jake tells Hayden that they can’t move back to Beecher’s Corners because he has a job with Julian Jerome. Hayden is upset but Jake remains firm. Meanwhile, Ric lends Liz a shoulder to cry on.

Later in bed, Jake has a dream about asking Sam to move in with him. Meanwhile, Sam accepts Patrick’s offer to move in.

The week ended on a sad note with Patricia passing away. 

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