S1 E17 This Device Scans Your Entire Body for Skin Cancer

04:17 | 05/24/19 | NR | CC

Did you know Skin Cancer is the most common form of Cancer in the U.S? There are 5 million cases diagnosed a year! But, there's some good news, it's also the most preventable cancer.

Since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Glam Lab figured it's as good a time as any for Jo to make her first visit to the Dermatologist. This wasn't just an ordinary visit. She had her entire body scanned for skin cancer with a new mole-mapping device called the FotoFinder. Not only does it track moles, it can also determine your skin's UV damage! From which sunscreen to use to how to spot a concerning mole, check out the latest Glam Lab episode for everything you need to know before you're out in the sun this Summer!

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