S1 E20 IV Drips for Post Workout, Hangovers and Vitamin C

02:10 | 06/28/19 | NR | CC

IV drips seem to have gone from hospitals to the beauty world very quick. In big party cities such as Miami and Las Vegas, it didn't take long to figure out - you may be able to cure or prevent a hangover by forcing copious amounts hydrating liquid into your body intravenously. Well, that's not all an IV can do. Vitamins and amino acids can easily be injected directly into your bloodstream and the results are undeniable. Why? When you take a vitamin orally, you're only obtaining about 20% of it. When you use an IV, you're getting 100% absorption which means 100% of the benefits! In this episode of Glam Lab, Jo tries the trend that's gaining traction in cities across the country.

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