S1 E22 TempSure Envi: A Facelift in 20 Minutes?

02:50 | 07/15/19 | NR | CC

It's been nicknamed the "20-minute facelift," and Glam Lab got one of the first looks! The new treatment, TempSure Envi, is changing up the beauty world as we know it! In just minutes. It can reduce fine lines, tighten skin and even smooth out that cellulite! How, you ask? Using a new form of radiofrequency, it heats extremely deep tissue layers under your skin, to regenerate collagen. Now, GET THIS: there's absolutely no pain involved and no downtime. That's right - you could go and get a quick facelift on your lunch break, without your co-workers having a clue! Check out the video to see if it's really all the buzz!

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