S1 E23 First Time Facials: Everything You Need to Know

02:30 | 07/19/19 | NR | CC

WARNING: You're about to be mind-blown because THIS place is changing facials forever. Face Haus has been popping up in locations up and down the West coast and now they've made their way East. In fact, they recently opened one on the Upper East Side, so Glam Lab went to see what all the fuss is about! Their tagline is "facials for the people", meaning facials aren't just for women or for those with a disposable income. In fact, they can be for everyone - no matter your age, gender or skin type! Face Haus is not only making facials approachable - but affordable too. Just how cheap are these facials? Again - it will blow your mind. Glam Lab checked it out to see if Face Haus still provides a worthy facial at such a good price. Check out the latest episode to see for yourself!

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