Jesse Williams

Jackson Avery
Actor Biography

A native of Chicago who calls Brooklyn home, Temple University graduate Jesse Williams began his professional career teaching high school in low income Philadelphia public charters. From there he moved to New York City and, after working at a law firm, began his professional acting career, performing off-Broadway at The Cherry Lane Theatre under the direction of award-winning playwright Edward Albee in The Sandbox. This year, Williams enters his 6th season as Dr. Jackson Avery in ABC's hit series Grey's Anatomy. His feature credits include Lee Daniels' The Butler, The Cabin in the Woods, Brooklyn's Finest, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 as well as the acclaimed western short They Die By Dawn.

Williams is founder of the production company, farWord Inc. and the executive producer of "Question Bridge: Black Males," a series of transmedia art installations, films, curriculum and website ( that enjoy museum exhibitions nationwide as well as being official selections of the Sundance Film Festival & Los Angeles Film Festival.

Williams also sits on the Board of Directors at The Advancement Project, a leading national civil rights advocacy organization.

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Character Biography

Surgeons that go rogue; Fearlessness

When people know he's Harper Avery's grandson; Gambling; Harper Avery's "wonders of medicine" speech; the fact that Mark has dubbed him a part of the "Plastics Posse"

Jackson found himself a part of a love triangle involving Dr. Lexie Grey and Dr. Mark Sloan. After a brief relationship with Lexie, Jackson began working diligently under Mark Sloan to become his prized plastics resident. Jackson de-virginized and married April Kepner.>

Jackson is the Harper Avery's grandson, and he shirks the legacy that comes with that title. He was always the pretty one in his family and felt nothing was expected from him—he learned to push himself to become a surgeon. His mother, Catherine Avery, is a celebrated urologist who began dating Richard Webber, much to Jackson's dismay. Catherine and Richard eventually tied the knot.

When April thought she might be pregnant, Jackson told her he wanted to marry her and have a family together. April is a little too relieved when she learns she is not pregnant, and Jackson breaks things off between them. April sets Jackson up with Stephanie for Bailey's wedding. The two do not attend the wedding, but they do end up sleeping together, and, eventually, start dating. After the Harper-Avery Foundation became a partner in the purchase of the hospital, it named Jackson as the man-in-charge – which angered the other doctors.

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