S1 E03 Winning a Battle, Losing the War

04/10/05 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith Grey has discovered that the rules of residency are the same as the rules of life. Everything is a competition. Maybe she shouldn’t have let Izzie and George move in. Maybe McDreamy only wants her because it’s against the rules.

Chaos has arrived at Seattle Grace. It is the annual Dead Baby Bike Race (What a creepy name!). Injured cyclists and innocent bystanders fill the surgical schedule and interns call dibs. Meredith just can’t get away from competition.

Meredith and Alex fight over Viper, a bike messenger with spokes sticking out of his stomach. Meredith wins! (Yay, cuz Viper’s got a British accent which of course makes him cuter.) But then Alex takes over and pulls out the spokes. Totally by surprise, Viper kisses her—in front of McDreamy! She couldn’t have planned it better.

Izzie and Cristina are on a countdown to find the family of their unidentified patient. If they see no brain activity in 6 hours, he will be declared brain dead. Izzie is hoping for a miracle. Cristina is hoping for an organ harvest. But they have to find the family first.

Chief Webber gives George a special assignment. He has to take care of the Chief’s personal friend who has been admitted with liver failure. The male patient’s constant flirting makes George feel uneasy. He doesn’t want anyone to think he’s gay, especially his crush Meredith.

Izzie’s and Cristina’s patient is crashing. They perform a transfusion but they need Dr. Burke to do the surgery. He tells them, “He saves lives. Harvesting ends them.” The girls go over his head and straight to the Chief with George’s help. The brain dead patient is a perfect blood match with the Chief’s friend, who desperately needs a liver.

Viper, the cute Brit, comes back to see Meredith. We thought he was going to ask Meredith out, but all of sudden he collapses on the floor. Meredith pulls up his shirt and his stomach wound is out of control. (We had to look away.) Without hesitation she clasps her hands over his wound as they rush to surgery.

Cristina needs to convince the Brain Dead Guy’s wife to agree to organ donation but she can’t handle the emotional stuff. Bailey tells her that he’s not just Brain Dead Guy. His name is Kevin and he’s a husband and father. Surprisingly Bailey isn’t hard on Cristina. We love that Bailey’s tough but it’s because she cares.

Izzie says goodbye to Kevin, the brain dead patient. She was really pulling for him. Burke understands her. Christina reassures Izzie that Kevin’s organs will save many lives and helps her sew up the brain dead guy so he’s presentable for his family. They all care, some are just afraid to show it.

Derek finds Meredith and tells her that it’s not the chase, it’s not a game and she’s very bossy which keeps him in line. But she still won’t go out with him. As she walks out the door he says, “You say that now.” It’s a total game. And we admit: we’re loving the thrill of the chase.

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