S1 E07 The Self Destruct Button

05/08/05 | TV-14 | CC

George and Izzie catch McDreamy sneaking out of their house. George catches a doctor with Bourbon breath. And Cristina catches the flu, she hopes it’s just the flu.

Izzie is beyond pissed that Meredith is sleeping with their boss. No wonder she’s been getting all the good surgeries. Izzie is over Mer getting special treatment and she’s really going to let her have it. George makes excuses for Meredith. Clearly, he’s still crushing hard on her.

There’s a flu going around Seattle Grace Hospital and Cristina thinks she got it. She’s sick to her stomach and can barely stand but she’s not going home. She blames Burke but he’s not sick. You’re thinking what we’re thinking, right?

A college girl comes in with a botched gastric bypass surgery she secretly got in Mexico. We couldn’t believe it. She’s not even overweight—just a cute, normal college girl. Mer suspects that she did it to please her perfectionist mom. Hopefully, they can correct the procedure and she can live a somewhat normal life.

Alex and his gunshot patient bond over Iowa collegiate wrestling. Get this, the guy asked his friend to shoot him. It makes his tattoos look cooler. Crazy!

George’s patient is a toddler with undiagnosed tremors. George reluctantly gets McDreamy to look at her. He’s so sweet with the little girl—another reason to love McDreamy if you haven’t fallen for him already. Half her brain is deteriorating and will have to be removed. Don’t worry, because she’s so young the other half of the brain will regenerate.

McDreamy notices that George is being snide with him and tries to smooth it over by inviting him to scrub in on the brain surgery. Later George confesses to Cristina that it’s hard to hate McDreamy even though he’s sleeping with Meredith. Cristina knew all along. Izzie and George are annoyed they’re the last to know about Meredith and McDreamy. They live with her, after all.

When Bailey picks Meredith to scrub in on the brain surgery, Izzie flips out and snips “You can help McDreamy in ways none of us can.” Ouch! This is going to get good.

As they are prepping for surgery, George notices that Dr. Taylor, the anesthesiologist, reeks of Bourbon and confronts him about it. Dr. Taylor is furious and demands that McDreamy throw him out of the O.R. While McDreamy is operating on the girl, he notices that she is starting to wake up. She needs more anesthesia. McDreamy tries to get Dr. Taylor’s attention but he’s asleep!

McDreamy has a talk with George who immediately apologizes for being out of line. But McDreamy tells him, “No, I was. You did the right thing.” McDreamy asks George if he saw him leave the house this morning. He tells George that he’s not using her. Yeah, it’s hard to hate McDreamy.

Meredith has complications with Gastric Bypass Girl’s surgery. Her bowels explode all over Mer. (Ew, ew, ew) The girl will struggle with nutrition problems for the rest of her life. Mer tells the girl that life isn’t supposed to be this hard. She is calling social services on her parents.

Alex’s gunshot patient crashes. The infection from a previous tattoo has spread too far and he dies. Alex is crushed. He was the first guy he met from back home.

Izzie doesn’t want any explanations from Meredith about her relationship with Derek. Why would she throw away her respect and credibility over this fling? She realizes that Meredith is falling in love with him and isn’t quite so upset. She teases Mer, “You’re all mushy and warm.”

Cristina is hiding in the bathroom holding TWO pregnancy tests. She doesn’t look happy. You knew it wasn’t the flu.

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