S1 E08 Save Me

05/15/05 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith Grey isn’t putting out until McDreamy tells her all about his mysterious past. She wants to believe this relationship is real. Cristina doesn’t want to believe her patient when he warns her that she can’t run away from her pregnancy. She isn’t sure if he’s psychic or psycho. This guy has everyone at Seattle Grace questioning their beliefs.

Meredith’s fight with McDreamy gets in the way of treating a paralyzed rock climber. Maybe it’s a little premature for Meredith to play the suspicious girlfriend, but maybe there’s good reason.

Cristina sees a counselor about ending her pregnancy but when the counselor suggests other options Cristina interrupts, “You know the talking part, I’m not interested.”

Alex and Burke work on the case of a teenage girl who needs a new heart valve. Standard procedure is to install a porcine valve. Alex jokes, “Porcine as in pig, the new white meat.” Ok, some of laughed, but just a little. The girl adamantly refuses because it goes against her religious beliefs. She challenges Alex and Burke, “You’re hot shot doctors. Find another way.” Alex surprisingly bonds with this feisty girl.

Cristina’s patient suffers from seizures he believes are really psychic visions. But when the psychic makes a comment about her being "on the mommy track" she begs Izzie to switch patients. This works out well because Izzie really wants to prove the psychic is a fraud. Cristina winds up with a pregnant woman with breast cancer. She just can't escape the issue of pregnancy.

Meredith and McDreamy lock horns about the rock climber with paralysis that's quickly spreading up his body. All tests show no problems so Meredith believes it must be psychosomatic but McDreamy believes there’s a blood clot and he’s going ahead with the surgery, no matter how risky it may be.

George’s confidence is shot when he can’t do a relatively simple intubation in front or Alex and Burke. He needs a boost to his ego. Cristina suggests he ask Olivia out. She’s the cute nurse that’s been eyeing George. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Alex discovers an alternative to the pig valve—a bovine valve. Alex jumps the gun and tells his patient without consulting Burke first. Burke is furious. It’s a vastly more complicated surgery and he’s never even done it before. Burke kicks Alex off the case.

Izzie discovers that the psychic has an embolism that could pop and kill him. He needs surgery immediately. The psychic is worried it could take away his gift. Izzie isn't sympathetic. Her mother blew Izzie's entire college savings on pychics, hence their non-existent relationship today.

Burke admits to Cristina that he's unsure of what to do about the bovine transplant. The family wants it, but he's never done one before. She rolls her eyes and says, "Your problem has a solution. Some don't."

Alex shows he’s passionate about helping the girl and Burke asks him to assist with the bovine valve transplant which they do with another surgeon via satellite. Pretty cool.

Cristina's patient has to make a heartbreaking decision because the baby won’t survive the cancer treatments. It’s her life or her baby’s life. Cristina just doesn’t get it when her patient goes against her advice and chooses to have the baby. But we can tell she’s really affected by this experience. We wonder what she’ll do.

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