S2 E01 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

09/25/05 | TV-14 | CC

The Seattle Grace interns are at the bar across the street playing “Whose life sucks more?” Meredith’s boyfriend McDreamy is McMarried. Cristina is pregnant and the baby daddy doesn’t know. Joe the bartender collapses—he wins.

Joe needs a standstill surgery where they stop the heart, freeze him and then bring him back to life but they only have 45 minutes to do it. The patient is clinically dead during the surgery. How crazy is that! Everyone at Seattle Grace has stories about Joe, including Bailey.

Chief Webber is still recovering from his tumor surgery. He assigns George to “sponge duty” so he can report back about everything going on at SGH. Chief just can’t take being out of the loop. He wants all the gossip and some info on the surgeries too.

McDreamy runs into Addison (a.k.a. Mrs. McDreamy) who claims that she’s only there on business. She’s there to work on a rare surgery with conjoined fetal twins. She’s not there to convince him he can’t live without her. Yeah, sure.

McDreamy checks in on Chief Webber but he really wants to know why he brought Addison to Seattle Grace. The Chief tells him it’s not personal, it’s business. And then delivers another blow—Burke will be the interim chief. That’s just business too. Yeah.

Burke asks Cristina out on a real actual date. He made rezzies at his fave dinner place but she’s got to think about it.

Things get really testy between Burke and McDreamy over the Interim Chief position. It all escalates when they both have to work on Joe’s standstill surgery. McDreamy constantly emphasizes that Burke is the “INTERIM” chief.

Alex hits on Izzie. She asks if he realizes that NOONE likes him. Alex says, “Oh, I think some like me.” Izzie rolls her eyes—as if.

Burke and Cristina have a blowout in the stairwell. He demands Cristina figure out what she wants. Cristina kisses him cuz that made her hot. They don’t see George a few floors up catching the whole thing.

George reports back to the Chief. It’s a quiet day at Seattle Grace. The Chief gives him that yeah- right look. George is a good friend.

George is a leaky sponge but not to the Chief. He tells Mer that he saw Cristina kissing Burke. She storms down the hall after Cristina. Mer can’t believe that she has been so judgemental when she was doing the same thing. Did she even tell Burke about the baby?

Cristina bursts in on Burke after the standstill operation. She is so turned on by it. Burke tells her they have something to discuss. Ugh, you know what that means. Cristina is completely thrown off by his behavior. She looks a little relieved but still caught off guard.

Meredith finds an abnormality with the conjoined fetal twins and they need to have an emergency operation. The mom wants Meredith the “evil mistress” off the case. Addison drops a BOMBSHELL. She admits that she was the one who cheated on her husband and the mom owes Mer one hell of an apology. Total jawdrop!

Meredith wants to know if she was the girl he screwed to get over being screwed. McDreamy tells her that Addison cheated on him with his best friend. Meredith was like coming up for fresh air. He was drowning and she saved him. Mer says, “It’s not enough.” She gets in her car and drives away. Mer where are you going? Whoa! We didn’t expect that reaction at all!

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