S2 E02 Enough is Enough

10/02/05 | TV-14 | CC

McDreamy wants to get back with Meredith. Addison wants to get back with McDreamy. Meredith just wants to keep it professional—with both of them.

The Seattle Grace team can’t help but get emotionally involved with a family involved in a life-threatening car crash. George discovers that the brain dead organ harvest patient may not actually be brain dead. There’s also a very odd case of obstructed bowels—you won’t believe what this man swallowed.

Break-ups suck! Mer dumped McDreamy. Cristina got dumped by Burke but she’s more pissed off by how he did it—all business like. She cries, “He turned me into this fat pregnant girl who cares.” And you know how Cristina doesn’t like to show she cares.

McDreamy tries to win Meredith back but Mer says it’s not enough that he told her about his wife last night. “Why did she have to find out by her showing up all leggy and fabulous? There is no enough.”

Meredith and Cristina take their relationship frustrations out on George but he’s got his own woes—Izzie outs his crush and he has to work with Olivia all day. He’s still not over the Alex thing or the syph thing. Yeah, we wouldn’t be either.

McDreamy retaliates against Chief Webber for inviting Addison back to Seattle Grace by telling the Chief’s wife about his tumor but it backfires since she’s on Team Addison.

Bailey needs all hands on deck for a man who has a bowel obstruction. He won’t tell them what he swallowed. They suspect drugs. It’s not drugs. It’s Judy Dolls. Judy. Dolls. He swallowed the heads of TEN of them.

George’s organ harvest patient reacts to his touch. He’s sure that she must not be brain dead. The other surgeons dismiss it—they’re just going to wait til she dies. No one listens to George except for McDreamy who finds a tumor on her brain stem. The surgeons butt heads over this but Burke backs up McDreamy.

Cristina believes that the mother in the car accident is a battered wife. The father has liver problems and needs a family donor. Problem is: Son hates Dad. Cristina can’t understand why the mother would push her son into donating his liver and tells her, “Love has limits.”

While some are giving the son a hard sell on donating the liver, it’s Alex’s compassionate advice that helps him make his decision. Alex’s own father was a mean cold bastard but he still wishes he could’ve somehow worked it out. The son agrees to go through with it only under two conditions: 1. His mom tells the truth about the car accident, 2. He and his mom move out.

Addison explains to Meredith, “Sometimes people do desperate things to get someone’s attention. There are two sides to every story.” She really wanted to find out if Mer took McDreamy back. Mer walks away strong—not looking back once. But wait, we want to hear the other story...

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