S2 E03 Make Me Lose Control

10/09/05 | TV-14 | CC

Secrets are out at Seattle Grace. Everybody finds out about Meredith’s mom when she comes in as a patient. Cristina still hasn’t told Burke about the baby but he finds out the hard way. Meanwhile, Satan, um Addison, is still at Seattle Grace and she’s staying awhile.

Mer’s mom is wheeled in, strapped down on a gurney and raging out of control. Now everyone knows that the legendary Dr. Ellis Grey has Alzheimer’s. Meredith tries hiding from everyone yet insists on still working, just not on her mom’s case.

McDreamy sure can keep a grudge. He won’t give the Chief the OK to go back to work and tells him, “Maybe you should have thought of that before you gave Chief to Burke and invited Satan to Seattle.” Of course Satan herself shows up. Addison is covering for a pediatrician on maternity leave so she’ll be in town for awhile. Can’t wait to see how that goes!

George has the challenging chore of caring for Dr. Ellis Grey who not only thinks she’s there on surgical rounds but that George is her former husband Thatcher. Even Meredith sees a resemblance. George knows his chance to get with Mer is now slimmer than ever.

Addison asks McDreamy to consult on a case of a premature baby in ICU. He thinks the baby has little chance of surviving but Addison has hope—for the baby and their marriage. She goes in for a kiss. Um, what was that?

Meredith, Cristina and George can’t help but notice that Izzie and Alex have been chatting ALOT. Could she really have a thing for him? She’s got some explaining to do.

Izzie is mortified that she has to work with both Dr. Shepherds. It gets beyond awkward when they starting fighting about the case AND their relationship. It’s like Izzie’s not even in the room. Finally Addison says, “Fine, Derek, walk away. It’s what you do best.”

Cristina’s already crappy day gets worse when she collapses in the middle of surgery. Addison operates on her immediately but she loses the baby and a fallopian tube. Everyone comes to Cristina’s side except Burke who’s stuck in surgeries. He still doesn’t know!

McDreamy’s patient blushes every time she sees him. But she turns beet red every time she’s embarrassed or mad or has any sort of emotion. She’s willing to have risky surgery to not have that problem anymore.

Meredith asks the Chief to visit her mother—she’s reliving the heyday of her residency and would like to see him. The Chief can’t bring himself to see Ellis. There’s got to be a story there. When he finally does go to her room, she grabs his hand and says, “Richard, you beautiful man, thank God you’re here.” The story is getting more interesting.

Meredith admits to McDreamy, “My mother’s exhausting, what happened to Cristina…and you. Hating you is the most exhausting. I don’t want to do it anymore.” And then she grabs him and kisses him! McDreamy has had quite a day with a kiss from his wife AND from his girlfriend. Who will he choose? We’re just dying here. Just dying to know.

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