S2 E05 Bring the Pain

10/23/05 | TV-14 | CC

A power failure cripples Seattle Grace Hospital forcing George to operate in an elevator. Meredith discovers more secrets about her mother’s past. Cristina and a patient get into porn. McDreamy gets an ultimatum—Meredith or Addison.

Izzie declares “Boys are stupid.” After her date with Alex, Izzie leans in for a kiss, but he pulls away. Seriously??? She looked hot. She even shaved her legs. She’s right—boys are stupid.

Meredith and McDreamy fight over why he didn’t sign the divorce papers. She’s not gonna be that woman who breaks up a marriage or begs you to want her. She’s out of this relationship. You know he’s going to charm his way back. You just know.

Alex and George get stuck in an elevator with a gunshot victim desperately in need of heart surgery. They can’t wait for the power to come back. Burke talks them through it from the hallway. Alex freezes, but George takes over and successfully finds the hole in the patient’s heart. He plugs it with his finger. Now he just has to stand still ‘til the power comes back on.

Meanwhile, Cristina is forced to help a patient who uses porn to relieve his pain. He’s not a perv. He’s allergic to meds and porn is the only thing that helps. Now with the power out, Cristina has to describe sexy scenarios in her own words. She’s surprisingly good at it.

Meredith and McDreamy treat a Hmung patient with an aggressive spinal tumor that needs to be removed immediately or she won’t walk again. Her devoutly religious father refuses to allow his daughter to have the operation. McDreamy does everything he can to convince the father to change his mind, even flying in a shaman to help find her soul.

Izzie deals with a female patient who literally has a broken heart. She experiences what appears to be a heart attack every year on the anniversary of an old lover’s death. How do they fix that?

Chief Webber and Meredith are there to discharge Ellis to the nursing home. Her mother grabs her and says, “He’s married. He’s never going to leave her.” It takes a moment for Meredith to realize her mother wasn’t talking about Mer, she was talking about Ellis’s past relationship with the Chief.

Burke wants to know where his relationship with Cristina is going. He’s not going to wait forever. Cristina waits the entire day before reluctantly telling him, “Ok, we’re a couple. Don’t make a big deal about it.” She gives him a big kiss before storming out of the room.

Meredith finally makes a move back to McDreamy pleading him to “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” She’ll be at Joe’s bar waiting for his answer. Yay, she’s giving him another chance, and she’s really laid it all on the line!

Meredith waits at Joe’s bar. The door opens. She nervously looks at the door. It’s George. The door opens again. It’s Izzie. How can she stand it? We can’t take it! Every time the door opens, we’re holding our breath. Is McDreamy coming?

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