S2 E06 Into You Like A Train

10/30/05 | TV-14 | CC

A massive train crash overwhelms Seattle Grace with patients. Two victims are impaled on the same pole. Izzie chooses between friendship and advancing her career. Alex loses his mojo when his patient dies. Cristina is on a wild scavenger hunt to track down a patient’s leg. Meredith finally gets an answer from McDreamy.

Meredith is still waiting for McDreamy at Joe’s bar when they all get emergency pages and have to race back to Seattle Grace. Will she ever know if McDreamy would have shown up at the bar? Maybe it’s best if she never does.

This has got to be the most shocking case to roll into SGH yet. You’re going to need the whole box of tissues. Two train wreck victims are impaled on the same pole. If they try to remove the pole, they both will die. The surgeons desperately try to come up with options to save them.

Bailey refuses to let Meredith work until she’s sober. Mer is frustrated standing on the sidelines while so many patients need help. A nurse gives her a message from Joe the bartender—McDreamy stopped by the bar. McDreamy walks in but there is so much chaos, he can’t talk to Meredith. He gives her a nod. But what does that mean? We need to know who he picked. This is BIG.

Izzie and Addison treat a pregnant burn victim from the crash. She goes into premature labor but wants to hold off on the cesarean until she can make a will. She might not survive and she wants to make sure her baby’s guardianship is designated.

Alex feels like he’s losing his mojo as a surgeon. It doesn’t help that Bailey assigns him to do sutures since he has a new found fear of scalpels which she says loudly for all to hear. Bailey’s zingers are the best! She’s not the only one who thinks he’s lost his mojo. Even his patient questions, “Are you sure you’re a doctor?”

Cristina assists the Chief on a leg reattachment surgery but Cristina brought up the wrong leg and scrambles to find the leg that belongs to the patient. What a crazy scavenger hunt! She can’t believe Burke won’t even help her. “Aren’t boyfriends supposed to help in situations like this?”

Alex reassures his train crash patient that she will be fine, though her friend collapses. She showed no signs of injury but they discover she was bleeding internally. It’s too late to save her. Alex goes outside to escape the disapproving looks of the nurses when an EMT hands him the missing leg Cristina’s been searching for. He races it to the Chief’s O.R. Cristina is furious when she finds Alex assisting the Chief. He totally stole her opportunity!

Burke and McDreamy agonize over which pole patient will get to live. Crass, but true. How do you choose? They’re both such great people. The pole patients emotionally prepare themselves when they find out the woman’s injuries are more severe and she may not survive. Pole Guy cries, “It’s not fair.” The surgeons are all fighting back tears. Bailey admits she can’t help but feel like they’re killing this girl. We just can’t stop crying.

Addison tells Izzie she shows a real gift for neo-natal surgery. Addison will be staying in town for a while and has a lot to teach. Izzie has a tough decision—Meredith or Satan. Even we’re torn what she should do. Satan has been growing on us.

Meredith asks McDreamy if he’s staying with Addison. Meredith’s face just drops when he says, “She’s my wife.” Addison? He picked Addison?! Seriously? We’re stunned. Absolutely stunned. Did you see that coming?

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