S2 E08 Let It Be

11/13/05 | TV-14 | CC

McDreamy and Addison clash over their friend’s request for radical surgery. Meredith’s elderly patients restore her belief in true love. George nearly gets crushed by a man who falls five stories. Cristina and Burke have the best date ever. One of Seattle Grace’s surgeons is pregnant!

McDreamy and Addison’s married friends from New York come to Seattle. The wife tested positive for the cancer gene and wants a hysterectomy and radical mastectomy. Her husband is completely against it—he’s still hoping to have kids. Being on opposing sides puts a strain on the Shepherds’ relationship. Everyone is divided over this case.

Cristina forgets about date night with Burke. It’s their first real dinner date. How could she forget? She acts nonchalant with Burke but tries on her sexiest dresses with her friends—it’s really cute to see Cristina act girly. Dinner is a little awkward and funny until the man at the next table has a heart attack. Lucky for that guy, they’re doctors.

A window washer falls from the fifth floor missing George by inches. Amazingly, the man survives with only a shattered leg. George declares it’s a miracle but the patient doesn’t seem thrilled to be alive. George realizes the guy jumped on purpose. George is on a mission to find the guy’s ex-girlfriend who happens to work at Seattle Grace.

Meredith finds her elderly patients endearing. After sixty years of marriage they’re still in love. When Mer tells the husband that his wife only has a few months to live, he begs her to keep this a secret from his wife so she won’t live her last months in fear. Bailey orders Mer to tell the wife about her cancer. You can tell Mer feels their heartbreak.

Chief Webber congratulates Bailey on getting five fellowship offers but she doesn’t seem too excited. The Chief is really hurt that Bailey hasn’t accepted the SGH fellowship yet. She tells him, “I’m pregnant you moron.” Ahh, Bailey’s having a baby!!!

Izzie is really bothered by the fact this woman is having such radical surgery and she doesn’t even have cancer. Izzie is even more furious that Alex is supportive of the wife’s decision. He says “I like your rack but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you got rid of them because I’d want you.” She slaps him HARD and then gives him a huge kiss.

After the heart surgery, Burke tells Cristina, “I guess we never really got our date.” Cristina, “Are you kidding? That was the best date I’ve ever been on.” She seriously meant it. Burke walks away smiling. He’s smitten.

Meredith finds herself alone in the elevator with McDreamy and admits, “I miss you.” You know he wants to kiss her but he only says, “I can’t,” and walks off the elevator. We could go on about how hot that was but you might be an Addison fan. Some of us are too.

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